Saturday, December 15, 2007

arrived to milwakee just in time to catch the plane. caught the plane. plane left terminal to get de-iced. plane got de-iced. runway closed. needed more fuel from waiting. refueled. re-de-iced. runway closed. and 2 and 1/2 hours later...exited the plane because the flight was canceled.

tonight i am staying in Milwakee, Wisconsin. north carolina will be tomorrow. the snow is beautiful here.

Friday, December 14, 2007

NC or Bust!

tomorrow is the big day. north carolina will be my place of residence for the next 10 days. Christmas will come in the same amount of days. leslie and lana gottschalk are already at roberta rd. making the return already one of humor, wonderful meals, and two more great reasons to recognize how magnificent God's plan is.

so tonight. while eating the rest of the cookie dough ice cream, bowl-lessly. i find myself more ready every second to step into the Tarheel state with friends and family.

There are two goals that i have decided to set for myself while home:

  1. Feel free to get carried away with the southern twang!
  2. Remember i do have manners, though my father shows no mercy acknowledging his lack thereof.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Matthew 10:39
He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his
life for My sake will find it.
i'll never forget today.
Not because of the two horrible shootings.
Not because it was my first time shoveling snow.
Not because of lunch with Leslie
or an unexpected high five from Jerry.
Not because of a snow peaked Pikes.
None but this:
i have found myself lost.
Lost of self.
Lost of all i have ever been.
Lost of all i could consider being.
Lost of my whole self.
i'll never forget today.
When i was told i was missing
the point.
You. My God.
i searched for You working at the church
cafe and daydreaming at the glistening snow.
Thought You were in my favorite songs.
hands held high.
Thought You were everywhere else but
i'll never forget today.
How in mid-thought;
mid-step You placed me knee bent on this floor.
You showed me what i had been
working for all my life: everything lost.
i choose You. Life.
You. All i need.
never let me forget this day.
for Your sake.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 4

I feel very content today. Joyful of friends, family, circumstances, school (yes...somehow), a 60 degree fall day, ...

3 friends of mine are getting married this summer (2 of them younger than myself)

There is a wonderful REAL Christmas tree in our house.

16 consecutive wonderful dinners

School is coming to a close this semester.

My long-time and still NC residing friend Tori and I have decided to do one of the craziest things that we both have ever done together...train for a marathon. We both are aware of the prayers that we need. Training for a marathon is painful, time consuming, and big goal. Staying healthy and away from injuries is important, so feel free to keep us in your prayers.

Lastly i have the day off of nice.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In short

Thanksgiving was amazing. It's hard to believe that it has been a week since I was last in a fire-warmed mountain cabin eating, playing games, sharing laughs and dances, realizing that snow flakes really do look like the ones you cut out in kindergarten, and cutting down a Christmas tree. There are pictures. Not with me at the moment, but I would like to share them. I am very thankful for the Tillman's taking me in so seemingly easy (like I'm not a crazy Edwards or something).

But you will not believe what was seen on the very streets of Colorado the other day! A COP GIVING ANOTHER COP A TICKET! I knew that something looked odd about a cop writing something on paper to another, so I had to ask (while running Chandler...a dog), "you givin' him a ticket?"

The response, "Sure am." Kinda Quita like too. He was a motorcycle cop if that means anything.

...17 days till North Carolina. Wow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


wanting and needing change that at once seemed would never occur, is now here.

it's almost frightening.
i have lost myself. i didn't know that God would take me so seriously when I wanted to give Him my life. He did. and enjoys it.

i have lost myself to His passion. i am lost in a love for His people. people i do not know. ones that know Him and others that don't. regardless my heart is burdened for the love to be shared. i can't hold it all in, nor would i want to.

being lost means needing direction. His Word has been perpetual in guiding my every step, especially of late. i came to colorado reading exodus and i have found myself there again. (for an update on the reading plan)

God is asking of me. please pray for me. this sounds so selfish, but i desire so strongly to listen to Him, hear correctly, and know that i am joining in on His plan where He would have me. and i know that i cannot do this alone. so thank you in advance.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Zits and Jesus

Today has been unbelievable. The weather has changed what seems like 20 times. It's been chilly for the most part. Work was so busy and fun; truly enjoyable. And I have this zit on my forehead. It's a legitimate zit; one that is sore when I raise my brow in interest. Also one that keeps anyone from looking at me in the eye because of its distracting capabilities.

But you know the funny part is that every time I think of it or realize its presence, I think about my Savior...well our Savior. About how I am falling in love with Him. Even though the connection between the two is not so clear I am reminded of how uncontrollable my feelings for Him are.

I have been able to meet some of our great neighbors. Ike and Donna that live at the end of our road have become quite special to me. I drove Donna home from the Perk after a long walk today and her tone of voice just carries the gentleness of God. Her dog rode with us. Nothing about the dog reminded me of God. However, I hope to get coffee with her and Ike soon.

Don't you think that zits should be spelled kzits? Like gnats. or...never mind, that is silly.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How Could I forget?!?

THE, one and only, Leslie Marie Gottschalk is going to be in town this coming friday!!!!!

Please take a look at her blog so that you can get caught up on all of her Catan trash talking so that when I blog again, my victoious post will not come to you as a surprise! As long as there are baked goods things shouldn't get too ugly.

It's still Summer time here!

Typically what happens when you dedicate a Sunday afternoon for a road trip through the mountains are two things:
  1. On the most beautiful, clear, sunny, fall day mountains and little streams just glow and glimmer, leaving you speechless and amazed...

  2. then, you camera batteries go dead!

typical. this was the chosen word for the situation.

However, Raleigh and I had a wonderful time aimlessly (well, not intentionally aimlessly) wandering through the beautiful Rockies, stopping at a reservoir where we were able to take a few pics and have a fun snack. I can't believe the colors of these pictures:


quoted, "just take the picture."

because i happened to maybe of confused Buena Vista and Brekenridge, we didn't quite make it to our destination (not Buena Vista), but WE DID MAKE IT TO DENVER!! haha.

There are a few more things that I must share:

  • This past Wednesday i joined Vanguard Church as my home church. Where i believe that i have been called to serve, fellowship, and make myself willing to be discipled in Christ.

  • Saturday night a bunch of friends got together for an early Thanksgiving dinner which meant lots and lots of desserts and turkey and friends!

  • For the first time, Thanksgiving will be spent away from Ma an' Pa an' the fam. It will be different, but i have been humbled by the way such new friends have just opened their homes by inviting me for thanksgiving dinner. However, I couldn't think of any other way for spending my first Thanksgiving in Colorado without the Tillman gang. They have been so sweet. There is some kind of competitive PIT tournament going on that night (scratching and hair pulling allowed!) that seems pretty intense too. trophy awarded.

  • This is what Raleigh, and her sisters Risa and Reade had waiting for me when I got home the other day:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


what is disturbing about:
  • a snow plow truck driving through the crosswalk on-campus...on a sunny day?
  • hot pink high heels and a denim button up shirt confidently worn?
  • a fifty year old man nodding his head in the car to Missy Elliots "Music make you lose Control"?
  • arm pit sweat so prevalent just from walking to class?
come to think of it...nothing. they all make me laugh.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

have You

waken this morning tired
a shower to refresh
still tired
will make tea
letting the pot boil fall into a slumber
waken in frantic of a sizzling teapot
need Word
school time comes
too quick, having to run
frost covers creation and candy wrappers
somehow sweating
do class and work
finished for the week

first step outside
feet swept from underneath
His Sun
His Mountains
frost is gone
some didn't know it was there
He let me see it
can the day be new again?
can i be new again?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Candy bars. Correction: Mini/"Fun Size" candy bars are way too fun to eat. Mini=size Crunch, 100 Grand, and Butterfingers have gone nicely along with Pumpkin Seeds perfectly seasoned with butter, salt and Worcestershire Sauce. It's Halloween right? It's only respectful to throw the everyday hazards of the healthy diet out the window for the sake of all the little kids in America doing the same thing tonight!

Today has been a Halloween for sure. My friend Jamie, whom I work with at the Perk, wanted to dress up this morning for our customers. So we came up with a style that one customer put quite fitting as "a little bit country, and a little bit rock n' roll." Until Jamie put freckles on my face no one even knew I was dressed up. I guess this is Colorado or something, therefore overalls and cowgirl boots isn't much of a costume.

On the way to and fro work there is a beautiful street that I get to drive down called Nevada Ave. that goes all the way through downtown. I remember driving down this road toward the end of the summer and the street was completely shaded by the leaf filled trees hanging over into the lanes. You can't help but be caught up in the feeling of autumn now. It's so beautiful now that the colorful trees are almost bare of leaves and so perfectly representing the cool and crispy air that just teases you until the next little snow. Here is to share a little bit of that refreshment Nevada Ave. seems to bring me.

But you will never believe who was at the Harvest Hoe Down tonight bouncing around in the bouncing gym thingy that Phyllis (whom you will meet later) and I got to watch over and even (yes, it's true) see fly...Jeffery Gordon!! He surely was the best bouncer out there!!

The Harvest Hoe Down was a sweet, good time. Watching all kids just go circles and circles around this huge jungle gym of a thing and coming down the slide screaming, "YAAAAYYYYY" or "I did it, look Mommy!"

And as earlier, I had mentioned Phyllis. Haha...well here she be. She proudly walked into the Hoe Down with her pants held high and a pep in her step that shook that 'fro and let tha glossy glimmer on her lips shine from every angle the sun would let it! Haha. Phyllis seemed to think that my name was Jane for some reason. I told her that she could call me whatever she thought necessary for the fact her shirt sang true of us country folk being "BIG on the PIG."

I hope that you all had a Happy Halloween too with many trick-or-treat-er's and candy to eat for months!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mushless Colorado

Can you believe that liver mush does not exist in Colorado? Yes, my quest for liver mush ended quite abruptly after asking the poultry man if they sold any at King Soopers (N.C. equivalent to Harris Teeter), and his response was a, "ummm, liver...I'm sorry what did you call it???" Something to look forward to in the upcoming Christmas visit.

Also, I'm sure that now you are all quite aware that the Colorado Rockies were in the World Series. Though they were swept seemingly easy, making it to the World Series after winning a Wild Card playoff is a big feat! Right before they started game on, a local FOX camera crew wanted to interview Pikes Perk customers at 7 a.m. about their knowledge. First of all nobody wants to be on t.v., secondly there are only a hand full of die hard Rockies fans (I know, it makes no sense coming from a state that only recognizes Tarheel Blue). So what does this mean...I was "the last resort" and had to get interviewed in full Barista wear. Haha. They told me all the answers to the questions before it started thankfully!

P.S. How is Jeff Gordon doing in the points?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Much needed pictures!

The camera cord has been found!!! I don't know how it ended up amongst some sort of recycling bin/futon arm rest story, but it did. So the saying, "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today," must be put into practice. So enjoy Colorado!

Okay, so I think that it was 2 Fridays ago that Raleigh and I met up with her Grandma at Happy Apple Farm to pick us some nice ole' pumpkins. We also got some Gala and Golden Delicious apples. Ummhmm they is good!

Then what happened next?...oh yea. On the way back I realized that the leaves were turning all sorts of fallish colors. It crazy the kinds of things that seems so unreal to you when you have lived around pine trees for the past 2 years.

The next day I think, it looked like it was going to rain hardcore. The massive mountains were hidden behind these downpours of rain. So I ran up above our school rec center to a bench and took a couple shots of...well...rain.

(i don't know if you can see it, but those rock humps in the center left part of the pic are the Garden of the Gods Rocks...crazy huh?)

Then lastly we shall talk about snow. Which real snow, snow falling from the heavens, I have not seen for 3 years. So going on a walk and letting the wet flakes fall on my face and soak the top of my head was necessary. Gosh, I hope that NC gets snow this year. Seriously Cabarrus County would never have school in these conditions.

As a result of all of this, a windshield scraper and new big rug was bought for scrapin' an' insulatin' of course! See, just a couple buys makes it a much easier transition.

Snow and Coffee

Yesterday was the first snow. I can't wait to go buy a camera cord and show yaw pictures. The window in the living room was opened when I woke up revealing covered cars and ground; revealing beauty really. It snowed a good bit of the day, but it didn't snow us in--though it would have in NC!

So Raleigh and I made a day of it. Which even though we live together, it rarely happens. Pastor Kelly had a great sermon on the Daily Pursuit of Redemption then Rals and I went and chatted over coffee/hot chocolate about how important it is to make a daily decision to follow Christ. She said something that has really stuck: "You know, when you think about following Christ for the rest of your life it can seem overwhelming, but you can make that decision today. You can do that. And then when you wake up tomorrow, you can make that decision again." It's fun to think that way. That God would wake us up to mercies renewed, with snow sometimes or even rain, and give the opportunity to be willing to walk with Him today and let tomorrow worry about itself.

One more funny thing (even though the above is somewhat serious) before I have to rush to work. Raleigh has been coughing of late, and yesterday she was getting a little crazy at the coffee shop. So I asked her how she was feeling. Her response, "Well, I am very aware of my throat today."

Haha. She is funny.

Pictures soon I hope!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16, 2007

It's so beautiful today. In sitting outside on the front step writing this, all I can hear are the birds chirping and the crispy fall golden-yellow leaves being tossed in the cool breeze. A perfect setting to reflect.

In Autumn, it seems like its the season to celebrate change, and the ending of one thing to start something new. So here are some things that have changed for me being here in CO:
  • Thinking more "Green"
  • Buying more organic, all-natural foods
  • Applying lotion 5 times a day
  • A slower pace of life ( which has been hard to say the least)
  • Getting involved in a wonderful church -- Vanguard Church
  • A greater desire to learn
  • Wearing shoes and "closeting" the flip flops.
  • Having time to celebrate what is going on the lives of my friends.

These are really just a few things honestly. Also, I have started (well today) a one-year Bible reading plan which I am totally pumped about. The plan takes you chronologically through the Bible, and I am looking forward to seeing how God will move in His scripture in this crazy season of my life.

I've heard that back home in NC that they have hardly gotten any rain. That is so level 3 water restrictions. I wish we could take some of this snow on top of Pikes Peak and send it that way, cause I'm sure we gonna have enough. No bonfires for the Pumpkin Carving Contest...what a bummer.

One more thing. My friend Rudy that played soccer at IWU, that I met through Riccara and Raleigh (as you notice all my friends' names start with R), ran the Denver marathon this past weekend and totally qualified for the Boston Marathon in March. Isn't that awesome? She was haulin' that's fo sho!

60 days till NC.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Praise Report!!

Almost every Pikes Perk customer that was asked if they would like whip cream on their coffee drink said...

(So exciting)

Thursday, September 27, 2007


It's fall here. As I suppose that it has become every where since September 21. Fall is really beautiful here in Colorado Springs, especially at 314 Maplewood Ave, and especially on crystal clear nights when it's almost hard to see the stars because the moon is so bright. When seasons change you can just tell. Like falling in love with the love of your life..."you just know."

This fall is going to be different however than ever before. I get to see the leaves change color and the trees become bare. Then snow is going to fall and cover the empty branches. It will be cold. I will complain, surely. But I hope that God sends more snow. So much that we get snowed in and drink hot cocoa endlessly...or coffee.... or even have coffee ice cream.

Most of all. I just want to fall in love with my Savior and have Him hold me and keep me I can believe that I am just as white as His fluffy snow.

Then hopefully we can make snow cream! Even through the winter.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Here is a video of Raleigh and I volunteering at the Pikes Peak Marathon!!

And Raleigh even got to share her wisdom. It's intense!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I love it when people give the peace sign and mean it with all their hearts. It has a way of touching the heart in a very special way...

Kind of like when you hike and find out you have muscles you've never noticed were there.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bubble Wrap-age

i feel like i am being selfish when i don't share on my blog about ways that God is providing. He is remarkably present. even in some of the funniest ways. if it be that He has surrounded me with wonderful friends, a house to live in with a blessing of a roommate, an opportunity to see Leslie, Mom, and Dad, or even a job at a local coffee shop, then He is showing faithful. does He have to? No.

He chooses to. not because of anything that i have done. yet for some reason i can expect that of Him. and even though i can expect that, sadly it always surprises the heck out of me. He cares about the tiniest aspects of our lives. for example:

in all of the unpacking, washing, putting things in their set places things had began to be repetitive. and all that i wanted was to remove something from a box with bubble wrap (so over cardboard and Styrofoam at this point). though it was somewhat of a joke, it would have put a smile on my face to jump on, twist, or see how silently a bubble could be popped.

so nonetheless, the cashier at ROSS's wrapped our discounted (yet, stylish) dishes in bubble wrap the very next day. God would do that. why wouldn't He?

the same God that provides bubble wrap, provides not only friendship, a home with furniture, or a bangin' job. but even more so, He provides us with His Son as a way to possibly grasp the smallest concept that He loves us beyond understanding even to the tiniest of details in our lives.

i know i have a tendency to get spiritual over things. but it doesn't take much for me to get excited. and to know that God knows that...

i hope that you receive your "bubble wrap". i'm taking He is willing to hand deliver.

The Home Front

i'm not quite sure if i posted about how Raleigh and i were placed in the house (we like to call 314) that we now live in, but when i say "placed" in this house i mean it. we often pinch ourselves and question the fact that we really didn't know each other 3 months ago. as a result...the pinch hurts!! this home, we do live in. though sure of God's hand in placing our lives together, the previous colors encompassing our home upon move-in may not have been included in His plan. therefore color replacement has taken place with a ginormous thank you to Mom and Dad for helping when they came.

please, please enjoy the before and after pic's (it's worth getting excited over by all means):

our lovely living/dining room:

our "twice painted green" kitchen:

my personal joy...the bathroom (actually painted a light blue):

and then the bedroom:

of course, with both of our interior design experience, there is obvious note to all of the neat pictures and stuff on our walls. haha. ok, actually we are in the process of getting everything together still. there is one room left which i will post about upon completion.

God is still providing.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mom and Dad in Colorado!!

I KNOW!!! I honestly can't believe it either.

Mom and Dad really were in Colorado. For almost a week too. Driving over 1600 miles over night, not being able to stretch out their legs, and rising 6200 ft. did not keep Dad from saying, "Look, we gonna have to stop for some fried chicken." We had a blast. The time was so precious that we got to spend all together with Leslie. We went for coffee and had to play a HUGE game of catch-up on her life.
After Leslie went back to Montana to finish her AmeriCorps term, we did a lot of painting and remodeling to the new home (which is ridiculously enjoyable for our family), but made sure that we made time for meatloaf and Garden of the Gods.

One thing that is definitely a blessing to see is how "so in love" mom and dad are...without a doubt. Of course while we were at G of the G's, mom was going through this funky posing stage, but dad just let her do her thang. Which makes since considering he did marry a red head (there is no stopping us).

And yes I will freely admit that laughter, fried chicken, and yaw's after yaw's were full force while they were in CO. Surprisingly, no Jeff Gordon convo's or sweet tea. But you will have to ask the folks about getting snowed on while at Pike's Peak.

Living life to the fullest is so much fun when you get to do it with the ones you love.

So first matters first. As I said (2 weeks ago) in my last blog Leslie and I summited Mt. Elbert after staying a night in a camp ground surrounded by the Twin Lakes and the collegiate mountains (Yale, Princeton, Harvard Mts., yet sadly no UNCW). Here are some beautiful pictures of our hike: small we really are.

sunrise towards the east. close to tree line (11,500 ft.).

from the tip top by 9:10 a.m.. And let me tell you joy of seeing this face...

change to this face...

was well worth all of the hard work. And there are even more rewards: it only took half the time to get back down, Leslie's head didn't hurt as bad as it possibly could have, we were only charged for one buffet at Pizza Hut instead of two, and it is totally okay to laugh now at Leslie's picture!! haha. See, isn't it worth it?

What a blessing.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What a week! ...briefly

There is so much that I want to share about what has been going on in the 10 DAYS?!? However, considering I am in class right now and my professor sounds like the Charlie Brown teacher I have but a window of time to..."prioritize my time" (hmmm...good justification to not pay attention). Leslie and I are about to throw the rest of my stuff from Riccara's in the car and head to Denver. Mom and Dad are leaving good 'ole North Carolina today after work! I love them so dearly. Leslie and I are going to meet them in Denver then head down to C-Springs.

The UNCW Volleyball team is playing in Boulder, right outside of Denver, so maybe we will get to see them.

Mine and Raleigh's new house is getting closed on today and is ready to be moved in as soon as we all get back from Denver.

It's been absolutely crazy thus far with Les. It's been fun having her be the first introduced to my friends, who were technically her friends first, plus some wonderful new ones, and be apart of my "living day-to-day" life. Though I believe that my life has been blessed as quite exciting, it honestly doesn't compare to what it is like when she is around. I told her that I expect to the unexpected when she's around. For example, we summited the second highest mountain in the connected U.S.. We camped out the night before beside the glorious mountains beside the Twin lakes, woke up at 4:45 and were at the top by 9:15!! We enjoyed the miraculous view for like 10 minutes considering I had fatty, frozen hands and she was missing something quite vital for survival (OXYGEN). Haha. The summit was worth every bit of the hilarious comments made on the way up. In which we didn't laugh at any of them until we were on the way back down.

Les and I attempted "Tracy Edwards" baked spaghetti... SUCCESSFUL!!

Raleigh and Leslie decided to talk me into running off a plank (for speed), ride down a zip line, kick my legs (for more speed), then extend my legs to brace the impact of a gianourmous tree. The running led to a 2 foot leap of faith where my hands slid off the bars where I then proceeded to plummet 10 ft to the solid earth. I was then greeted by Leslie's classic laughter and her firm belief that I wanted to fall off because I "chickened out." Though not true. I don't know which would have hurt worse.

Settler's Settler's Settler's of CATANNNN!!!!

In a quick summary, "Who needs sleep when they could be eating Choc-O-Lot's chocolate chip cookies?"

Monday, August 20, 2007


From the summit of Pikes Peak!! What a marvelous weekend!!

This weekend was pretty awesome and I ain't gonna lie! Saturday and Sunday Raleigh and I volunteered for the Pikes Peak Ascend and Marathon. Get this. The Ascend, which was ran on Saturday, is 13.32 miles long with a 7,815 ft. gain, was won by this guy below named Matt Carpenter in 2 hr. 9 min. 57 sec. Then on Sunday, the Marathon, a 26.21 up-an-back down run, was YES.....won by the same guy!!!

The aid station that we worked at was called the "Cirque Station". This was the last station before the runners reached the summit. To them, we were "heaven sent". Though we were thanked for helping them, it was truly humbling to see these sweet people achieve their goals.

Raleigh and I did the water along with several other people who handed out grapes (millions of grapes), candy, and Gu type gel. There were all types of people too. Old, young, in shape, fairly out of shape, hating life, loving it, some looked amazing, and other looked like sheer death!

As for the Cirque, it is a 1500 ft. depth off the side of the summit of Pikes Peak.

Not a bad view from the station is it?

Just for an update: I have totally been inspired to run a marathon. So I started my own training today by buying new shoes that feel like an air puff cloud (Riccara and I decided that's what it should be called) and carrying a Nalgene of water. So in my sudden struck professionalism I went for a drink of water while running, which then went up my nose, caused a seriously intense burning sensation of the nose, coughed and choked, and snotted in the midst of Colorado Ave. (a.k.a. Main Street). Mostly embarrassing and highly obvious that I did not run that race. None the less, many updates to come on the training.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nanny game left.

Tomorrow is my last day as a nanny. Yes, I would say that I am not exactly the happiest person about leaving good ole' Divide, but it's definitely time. I find that the hardest part of leaving is knowing that I love Trenton and Tristen. Like the kind of "lay my life down for them" love. But in all the not-so happiness of the situation, today we still had one of my favorite days. Trenton and I chopped wood!! It was BANGIN'!!! And of course we had Tristen as our magnificent picture taker! So here are some wonderful pics from our wonderful day. P.S. Can you please keep them and the rest of their family in your prayers? God is all ears for them I know!



it might still be in play!

Which this could possibly also be used as an "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" poster. Whatever works best, is fine by me.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For starters I need to navigate you to Raleigh's page so that you can get a much more adequate explanation on the latest happenings of our new house plans and the bird story.

Now I have to tell you about mine and Leisha's hil-freakin-larious experience today:

Raleigh and I go to Wal-Mart. Pretty typical American thing to do I would say. On the way we start joking around about putting on chap stick and lip gloss. I put on chap stick...she puts on lip gloss. Things first begin to get out of hand because Raleigh all of a sudden has shinny lips. Haha. This doesn't happen ever so it's odd and so, so funny. When we (I, Raleigh, and her shinny lips) get to Wal-Mart we head inside where a friendly man by the name of John proceeds to give me a shopping cart putting Raleigh a few steps in front of me. In the meantime, Rals is just struttin' her stuff and her shinny lips past two men. Then one specifically (tall, light mocha skinned with dreads) thoroughly becomes enthralled by her presence, completely checks her out, licks his lips, nods his head, and practically makes her toes curl up in discomfort by his "Mac Daddy" looks. So I see all this happen. The first encounter. The head-to-toe stare down. Dred's totally workin' his game. Then Raleigh's knees buckle only due to gag reflux. So he might of gotten 3 steps past me before I burst out into massive belly laughter which was quickly joined by my little-did-I-know "suga momma" new roommate. Oh, such uncontrollable laughter. There is only one explanation for this whole dilemma: darn LIP GLOSS!!

How dangerous of an item she was wearing! Haha. As for an update, she has recovered well I suppose. It's hard to say considering for some reason she reapplied before we got to the Thrift Store. Haha.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is there a need to say "goodbye" at the end of a phone conversation? I just don't get it. Don't like it. Feel like it's sad. No fun. Ending.

Just a great friend of mine and roommate of the past 2 years, Lauren Isenhour, hates with a passion the fact that I don't say "good-bye" when I get off the phone. For example, tonight I didn't say "bye" to her before I hung up the phone, so she called back within seconds again reminding me of her extreme dislike of this habit. Though it's not a big deal to me, I really feel like/know that she hates it and maybe should make an attempt to change my ways.

So I think that I just need outside opinions on this matter. Is "talk to you later" or "aight, be good" or "i'll holla atcha lata" acceptable? Hmmm.

Even this blog. Wouldn't it be the same if I put...


Calli Edwards


Friday, August 10, 2007

Greenhorn Peak

This past Wednesday, in having the day off, Raleigh and I headed to her fams cabin in hopes to "hipe"/hike Greenhorn Peak, which summits at 13,347 ft. It is beautiful (for lack of a better word). As we climb upwards for 4 hours the sights of Colorado seem endless almost.

The top picture, Vanna gracefully shows off eastern Colorado...into Kansas. Below is where either a tornado or mud slide shredded a multitude of trees that we passed through several times on the switchbacks in search of the top of this giant!

From the top:

These next group of pics are western CO. It was so neat being above tree line. Probably the most surprising thing was the tremendous amount of flies at the top. Like Rals said, they were pretty brave. They would just hang out fearlessly on your sleeve, like we wouldn't swat 'em off.
In hiking pretty much all uphill to the top, an easy downhill stroll to the bottom was all that was left. Which it was until...I proceeded it would be a much better situation to twist my ankle oh, you know, a lil' over an hour down. So for at least 2 more hours we hike down, with Rals' calf muscles under constant strain from nursing an already sore tush, and still she carries me across multiple streams since I'm not able to hop from rock to rock.
The total time of the hike was a lil' under 9 hours. Yet a short nap, a camp fire, Mark Broussard, and "walkin' it out" for the Lord seemed to cap off a great great time with Leisha in Greenhorn.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Birthday for the Decades

I don't know where else to start except for the menu. Raleigh prepared an incomparably non-monochromatic (thank you Risa) meal for the rest of the Tillman fam, Riccara, and I. Try:

Filo Tomato Tart
Peach Caprese Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Fresh Corn Cakes
Field Greens with Toasted Walnuts and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Chili-Lime Grilled Chicken and Shrimp (yes Dad...seafood)
Homemade Cookies & Cream Ice Cream with Reese's pieces con a la waffle cone served with Riccara's Chocolate Cake

...for a birthday dinner. Let me tell you, not only is it humbling, but filling! And yaw the whole time I am just overwhelmed with joy and trying to figure out how I could be blessed with such great, great friends in such a foreign land when God literally places His majesty outside the front window. A full rainbow...double rainbow radiates separating the darkest of clouds from the brightest of sun.

God is that BIG. Just like my brother in Christ, David says, "I can expect my God to be that BIG." If it has taken me 20 years to believe that. 20 years to know that if you let God take you where He desires, serve Him in whatever the circumstances, and know that each day is a gift of God then so be it. But I pray that each person that I have been blessed to meet, know, and grow to love will be able share that peace, because there is an inexpressable joy that is to be had.

So even though I didn't have enough air to blow all 20 candles out I can expect my prayer for you to still come true. Thank you all!

In His Mighty Name.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Firecracker, firecracker...boom, boom, boom.

Can someone please help explain this reaction?

So what had happened was Riccara and I were sitting in the living room, you know, just talking the night away. Then all of a sudden...POW, POW, POW!!!

Therefore the only cause and effect reaction that I can think of is Duck and Cover...DUCK AND COVER!! Before I knew it I was under the window sill and my knees were on the ground. And Riccara?...nothing, just sitting there on the couch like firecrackers being shot off in the road is a normal thing. I've heard plenty enough stories at school (not Wilmington) to know that gun shot sounds mean danger, and get cho tail as low as be possible. Even though Momma ain't raise no fool, Momma sho ain't never taught me that.

For clarification it was just a firecracker. But for explaination, one is needed. Why in the world would one just automatically do that? Oh Quita, I dunno.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Totally Him.

My upmost apologies for the lack of blogation in the past week or so. However I really don't feel all that bad because I don't think I would even have the words adequate enough to explain how remarkably God has moved recently. Let me put this in somewhat-of-a perspective: changed lives, renewed relationships, hope for the hopeless, rest for the weary, God's fatihfulness to the unfaithful? Does this explain anything?

So here I am, honestly floored by the majesty of God as He totally does His thang in the prayer answering business, left with this blog to tell you what life in Colorado is like. Therefore in all attempts to do so I am capable of but one explaination--Nothing compares...NOTHING. Which we know (if you don't, it's true, and it's worth knowing), but why is it dumbfounding when you actually see it? Then to think that He says, "If you have faith even as small as a mustard seed,you could say to this mountain, "Move from here to there", and it will move (Matt 17:23)." This means the Rocky Mountains too yaw. And regardless of whether or not they are doing the movin', He is. He is here and miracles are happening. Amen.

So believe it or not, I am left speechless. Again...Amen.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Official

Yesterday was the first step into the second half of my education. As an official student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs the goal is for a bachelor's in business. It's honestly going to be a tough view from the classroom window.

In trying to justify moving from college at the beach to the mountains I have found the following reasons useful:
  • You can't see a wave crash from the DUB campus...though the salt in the air is quite refreshing.
  • You are less likely to be taken out by a bicycle, skateboard, or a person on roller blades.
  • You increase your red blood cell count walking between classes.
  • Less revealing clothes, which is helpful when tan session are at a minimum.
  • and, tight jeans with big belt buckles. Haha! I mean...

This is the attempt at getting the front of the school. Had a little nature issue.

A Mother's Heart

There is a true passion that I have for all children to have someone else to play with. So recently Nanny Calli has been letting the kids bring some of their friends while we go to the pool or the like. In the hustle and bustle of sunscreen, snacks, swimmies, yelling, name calling, water long for that moment when all the kids are in the pool and then (and only then) are you able to breathe. Then it hits you. You are the only 19 yr. old mother of 4. No, yes. It's obvious. All of the "real" mom's are congregated, chatting, and eating left over chips. Then there is me. I don't know why, but I kind of wish they would invite me over and we can share funny stories about our kids together or even discuss upcoming "family" crafts, or even maybe when the next Mother's Night Out is. Haha. It's true. Yet, short lived when I do realize, "how in the heck am I going to keep my 19 yr. old mother figure when all they are doing is eating left over chips." Therefore, mixed, so mixed are the emotion that come along with parenting at such a young age.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random happnin's annd updates!

Tomorrow I am putting the first of my stuff into Riccara and I's house! Yes, yes!

I just finished the book "Living the God Life". It's highly recommended. If the fact that I actually finished reading the book does not sell its potential, then how about I am going to read it again. Hah!

This weekend Tristen and I were driving down the road (well she riding and I driving) and she likes to look at the clouds and find things out of their shapes. So she sees a cloud and says, "That cloud looks like a baby cub in an airplane."

"Oh, yes mam you are right. It sure does." I replied. "What else do you see?"

"Well, that cloud looks like a big, long paint brush."

I search deeply to find the image, then confirm with a, "Sure does! What do you think is being painted up there?"

The quickest response ever: "A baby cub in an airplane."

Right. Duh right? How could anyone miss that?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

One More Thing

In the process of, I am about to move. Temporarily I am going to live with a friend of several friends, Riccara, while finishing my present nanny position and in searching for a home near the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Though this time with Ricci is not intending to be a long stay, I am SURE it is going to be hilariously exciting!

Then meet Raleigh, a.k.a. Raleisha. While at the Warren Barfield concert we proceeded to fight over which of us was going to meet, kiss, marry, and spend the rest of our lives with Warren and his guitar first. Though only at worse a few scratches came out of the big ordeal, we did call truce, become friends, and take a picture with "our/my man" together.

Fortunately blessings upon blessings have come out of knowing Rals and her fam. A lot of those pertaining to ice cream and cat chasing, but all full of laughter and great one line statements, "Does she know she is a fish?" So as we both enter 2 more years of school, we are praying for doors to open for a place to live near UCCS! It's so fun how God works. You know, He does a better job at being God than we give Him credit for.

Tha Lo' Down!

Ok so the other day I went to this park right down the street called Garden of the Gods. Pretty much I felt like these ginormous rock formations were incredibly too massive to actually exist in the shapes that they are in. They do! It's a fact. Therefore check out some pics!

Also a few days ago, Tristen and I went for a nice hike at an open space that is actually across from "Garden of the Gods" called "Red Rock Canyon". It such a nice place to just get off work and trail run for a few miles. Plus, not to mention, it was quite hilarious when Tristen decides to ask a guy how to get back by saying, "Hey Dood, is this the way to the car?" Hey, there is no exact way you have to use to start a friendly conversation.

So what are you thinkin' about Colorado so far?

This morning, like the past several mornings, I made my way across the "Springs" to my place of work here in Divide. Light was beginning to ease it's way west, in the direction that I was traveling, outlining this massively majestic mountain range. I thought of all of my friends and family out east. How that same sun was able to inch in my directions after already shinning down over the homes and lives of my loved ones. It left me speechless with wanting to say so much. To those that have filled my life for so long and to God, but what needs to really be said. All we really would have to do is smile and that answers enough questions I think. I prayed that the smiles that I remembered are still there and if they weren't that God would allow them to return with laughter as well.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who'da Thunk?

Maybe this is an issue...haha what a start. And no, this is not about ice cream (SURPRISE)! But food, yes. SOOO, I have been having a hard time really getting full. Which is okay, because full most likely means miserable. Yet, still that feeling has been long since remembered. Therefore I decided to eat until I felt "finished". So I grabbed a bag of Tostitos, and lil' Tristen and I sat down to watch a movie. This all in the process of doing a Jigsaw. These chips were pretty dank (good), so you know a sista' just gets in the rythm of reaching in the bag, eating the chip, maybe the occasional mouth miss with a no-look reach down to retrieve-ation, and repeat.

So next thing you know I'm eating a puzzle piece. Not so tasty. That's funny, so I try to hide my laughter so I won't be embarrused in front of a 5 year old. Not to mention it was the ONE piece I had been looking for. No one will ever know which one it is. Until the light reflects the teeth marks.

Haha. Everybody wave to Jesus!! Surely He joined the Heavens in laughter. Who wouldn't?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot Diggity Dawg

A goal has officially been accomplished: Staying Up All Night!!

Yes, that is correct. Thanks to my dear friend Raleigh we chatted the night away. In checking the time thinking it was 12:30, to our surprise (mine mostly) it was 3:18. So how exactly do you celebrate such an accomplishment? None other than 4 a.m. French Toast an' Fellowship! Praise tha Lord!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ackward: It's True Definition

I probably had one of the most enjoyable conversations with my mother today. It seemed as if we were sharing our lives together like usual regardless of the miles and miles between us. (I am beginning to laugh while typing this). So we are in serious mode, discussing life and those in it when I noticed this adorable deer grazing in the pastures; almost cow-like, yet beautiful-er. Therefore I interrupted her with an, "Ooooh."
"What?", mom replies in interest.
"Oh, well it's just a deer." ...silence (searching fervently for a way to find such a typical animal important enough to halt such magnificent conversation). "I mean it's really horny. The deer."

Nooooooooooooooo... is this happening? Thankfully the deafening silence quickly turned into a burst of laughter from my favorite red head, which followed with a, "Hey Tommy (my dad) listen to what your (his not hers) daughter just said!"

Yes, the recovery process may take some time. I will be spending much of it researching ways to describe beauty. Thank you to all that can share in such embarrassment.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Have you ever gotten ready to go run or participate in some sort of exercise, and go down to tie your shoes, then have to ask yourself, "Did I really put this on?" For example yesterday I went to run. I was wearing orange/grey/white shoes, black w/ white logo socks, red/light purple/white shorts, and a teal and yellow t-shirt. How this happened, I don't know. Yet, is it safer to wear this assortment of color when running by yourself? I know that there is a risk of getting caught by the fashion police, but what real robber would attack such a tacky dresser?

However this did bring me back to the time in 8th grade when I went to sit beside my friend Jasmine, but before I could take a seat she snapped at me and said, "Girl, what is you thankin'? Did you get dressed in the dark?"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

No have to go home if you don't go big. At least attempt to reach your place of residence, unless...there is a tornado blocking your path. I don't know why God brought me to Colorado, but storm chasing? So then let's picture about 10 cars at one little stop sign. So I get out and take this "beaut" of a pic, then ask the closest person if this is normal. His response, "I don't know. I just moved from Chicago. But I don't know how I feel about the weather out here." Well I'm sure that the feeling becomes a little more distinct as we continue to stare in amazement just waiting for Dorothy to be thrown at us. Then a woman in a car across the intersection barely cracks her window and ask, "Vat 'tis 'dis?" Haha. You mean there is no scientific evidence of tornadoes in Europe? Now unsure if I am more amazed by the tornado or the question I decide it might be best to leave my prayers and presence with the bravest of brave, because Momma ain't raise no fool. Tornadoes are not toys and though hallucination came to mind, this was not on TV. Fortunately the tornado only uprooted a few trees. When considering how frightening the sight of a tornado in Divide, CO was, my main thought is how much more amplified must the fright have been for that poor little lady? Well welcome to Colorado. What more could you ask for? A rainbow?