Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Official

Yesterday was the first step into the second half of my education. As an official student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs the goal is for a bachelor's in business. It's honestly going to be a tough view from the classroom window.

In trying to justify moving from college at the beach to the mountains I have found the following reasons useful:
  • You can't see a wave crash from the DUB campus...though the salt in the air is quite refreshing.
  • You are less likely to be taken out by a bicycle, skateboard, or a person on roller blades.
  • You increase your red blood cell count walking between classes.
  • Less revealing clothes, which is helpful when tan session are at a minimum.
  • and, tight jeans with big belt buckles. Haha! I mean...

This is the attempt at getting the front of the school. Had a little nature issue.


Anonymous said...


I love you....

Anonymous said...

Very exciting, Calli! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS and good luck!!!

Really love reading your blogs and the awesome pictures!

Love ya and miss you BUNCHES,


Anonymous said...

CONG. Calli, way to go girl. You never seem to stop amazing me kid. Keep it going. Wow! so many funny and wonderful memories you given me and my family, they make me smile often...water pick fights yalls late night slumber parties, hummmm!!And poor Scotty, am sure he still hasn't gotten to like the delightful taste of shaving cream...haha. The suffering that poor boy went through with all you girls. Keep having fun Calli. Love you and prayers are with you always, Moma Donna