Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In short

Thanksgiving was amazing. It's hard to believe that it has been a week since I was last in a fire-warmed mountain cabin eating, playing games, sharing laughs and dances, realizing that snow flakes really do look like the ones you cut out in kindergarten, and cutting down a Christmas tree. There are pictures. Not with me at the moment, but I would like to share them. I am very thankful for the Tillman's taking me in so seemingly easy (like I'm not a crazy Edwards or something).

But you will not believe what was seen on the very streets of Colorado the other day! A COP GIVING ANOTHER COP A TICKET! I knew that something looked odd about a cop writing something on paper to another, so I had to ask (while running Chandler...a dog), "you givin' him a ticket?"

The response, "Sure am." Kinda Quita like too. He was a motorcycle cop if that means anything.

...17 days till North Carolina. Wow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


wanting and needing change that at once seemed would never occur, is now here.

it's almost frightening.
i have lost myself. i didn't know that God would take me so seriously when I wanted to give Him my life. He did. and enjoys it.

i have lost myself to His passion. i am lost in a love for His people. people i do not know. ones that know Him and others that don't. regardless my heart is burdened for the love to be shared. i can't hold it all in, nor would i want to.

being lost means needing direction. His Word has been perpetual in guiding my every step, especially of late. i came to colorado reading exodus and i have found myself there again. (for an update on the reading plan)

God is asking of me. please pray for me. this sounds so selfish, but i desire so strongly to listen to Him, hear correctly, and know that i am joining in on His plan where He would have me. and i know that i cannot do this alone. so thank you in advance.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Zits and Jesus

Today has been unbelievable. The weather has changed what seems like 20 times. It's been chilly for the most part. Work was so busy and fun; truly enjoyable. And I have this zit on my forehead. It's a legitimate zit; one that is sore when I raise my brow in interest. Also one that keeps anyone from looking at me in the eye because of its distracting capabilities.

But you know the funny part is that every time I think of it or realize its presence, I think about my Savior...well our Savior. About how I am falling in love with Him. Even though the connection between the two is not so clear I am reminded of how uncontrollable my feelings for Him are.

I have been able to meet some of our great neighbors. Ike and Donna that live at the end of our road have become quite special to me. I drove Donna home from the Perk after a long walk today and her tone of voice just carries the gentleness of God. Her dog rode with us. Nothing about the dog reminded me of God. However, I hope to get coffee with her and Ike soon.

Don't you think that zits should be spelled kzits? Like gnats. or...never mind, that is silly.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How Could I forget?!?

THE, one and only, Leslie Marie Gottschalk is going to be in town this coming friday!!!!!

Please take a look at her blog so that you can get caught up on all of her Catan trash talking so that when I blog again, my victoious post will not come to you as a surprise! As long as there are baked goods things shouldn't get too ugly.

It's still Summer time here!

Typically what happens when you dedicate a Sunday afternoon for a road trip through the mountains are two things:
  1. On the most beautiful, clear, sunny, fall day mountains and little streams just glow and glimmer, leaving you speechless and amazed...

  2. then, you camera batteries go dead!

typical. this was the chosen word for the situation.

However, Raleigh and I had a wonderful time aimlessly (well, not intentionally aimlessly) wandering through the beautiful Rockies, stopping at a reservoir where we were able to take a few pics and have a fun snack. I can't believe the colors of these pictures:


quoted, "just take the picture."

because i happened to maybe of confused Buena Vista and Brekenridge, we didn't quite make it to our destination (not Buena Vista), but WE DID MAKE IT TO DENVER!! haha.

There are a few more things that I must share:

  • This past Wednesday i joined Vanguard Church as my home church. Where i believe that i have been called to serve, fellowship, and make myself willing to be discipled in Christ.

  • Saturday night a bunch of friends got together for an early Thanksgiving dinner which meant lots and lots of desserts and turkey and friends!

  • For the first time, Thanksgiving will be spent away from Ma an' Pa an' the fam. It will be different, but i have been humbled by the way such new friends have just opened their homes by inviting me for thanksgiving dinner. However, I couldn't think of any other way for spending my first Thanksgiving in Colorado without the Tillman gang. They have been so sweet. There is some kind of competitive PIT tournament going on that night (scratching and hair pulling allowed!) that seems pretty intense too. trophy awarded.

  • This is what Raleigh, and her sisters Risa and Reade had waiting for me when I got home the other day:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


what is disturbing about:
  • a snow plow truck driving through the crosswalk on-campus...on a sunny day?
  • hot pink high heels and a denim button up shirt confidently worn?
  • a fifty year old man nodding his head in the car to Missy Elliots "Music make you lose Control"?
  • arm pit sweat so prevalent just from walking to class?
come to think of it...nothing. they all make me laugh.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

have You

waken this morning tired
a shower to refresh
still tired
will make tea
letting the pot boil fall into a slumber
waken in frantic of a sizzling teapot
need Word
school time comes
too quick, having to run
frost covers creation and candy wrappers
somehow sweating
do class and work
finished for the week

first step outside
feet swept from underneath
His Sun
His Mountains
frost is gone
some didn't know it was there
He let me see it
can the day be new again?
can i be new again?