Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tha Lo' Down!

Ok so the other day I went to this park right down the street called Garden of the Gods. Pretty much I felt like these ginormous rock formations were incredibly too massive to actually exist in the shapes that they are in. They do! It's a fact. Therefore check out some pics!

Also a few days ago, Tristen and I went for a nice hike at an open space that is actually across from "Garden of the Gods" called "Red Rock Canyon". It such a nice place to just get off work and trail run for a few miles. Plus, not to mention, it was quite hilarious when Tristen decides to ask a guy how to get back by saying, "Hey Dood, is this the way to the car?" Hey, there is no exact way you have to use to start a friendly conversation.

So what are you thinkin' about Colorado so far?

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