Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Official

Yesterday was the first step into the second half of my education. As an official student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs the goal is for a bachelor's in business. It's honestly going to be a tough view from the classroom window.

In trying to justify moving from college at the beach to the mountains I have found the following reasons useful:
  • You can't see a wave crash from the DUB campus...though the salt in the air is quite refreshing.
  • You are less likely to be taken out by a bicycle, skateboard, or a person on roller blades.
  • You increase your red blood cell count walking between classes.
  • Less revealing clothes, which is helpful when tan session are at a minimum.
  • and, tight jeans with big belt buckles. Haha! I mean...

This is the attempt at getting the front of the school. Had a little nature issue.

A Mother's Heart

There is a true passion that I have for all children to have someone else to play with. So recently Nanny Calli has been letting the kids bring some of their friends while we go to the pool or the like. In the hustle and bustle of sunscreen, snacks, swimmies, yelling, name calling, water long for that moment when all the kids are in the pool and then (and only then) are you able to breathe. Then it hits you. You are the only 19 yr. old mother of 4. No, yes. It's obvious. All of the "real" mom's are congregated, chatting, and eating left over chips. Then there is me. I don't know why, but I kind of wish they would invite me over and we can share funny stories about our kids together or even discuss upcoming "family" crafts, or even maybe when the next Mother's Night Out is. Haha. It's true. Yet, short lived when I do realize, "how in the heck am I going to keep my 19 yr. old mother figure when all they are doing is eating left over chips." Therefore, mixed, so mixed are the emotion that come along with parenting at such a young age.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random happnin's annd updates!

Tomorrow I am putting the first of my stuff into Riccara and I's house! Yes, yes!

I just finished the book "Living the God Life". It's highly recommended. If the fact that I actually finished reading the book does not sell its potential, then how about I am going to read it again. Hah!

This weekend Tristen and I were driving down the road (well she riding and I driving) and she likes to look at the clouds and find things out of their shapes. So she sees a cloud and says, "That cloud looks like a baby cub in an airplane."

"Oh, yes mam you are right. It sure does." I replied. "What else do you see?"

"Well, that cloud looks like a big, long paint brush."

I search deeply to find the image, then confirm with a, "Sure does! What do you think is being painted up there?"

The quickest response ever: "A baby cub in an airplane."

Right. Duh right? How could anyone miss that?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

One More Thing

In the process of, I am about to move. Temporarily I am going to live with a friend of several friends, Riccara, while finishing my present nanny position and in searching for a home near the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Though this time with Ricci is not intending to be a long stay, I am SURE it is going to be hilariously exciting!

Then meet Raleigh, a.k.a. Raleisha. While at the Warren Barfield concert we proceeded to fight over which of us was going to meet, kiss, marry, and spend the rest of our lives with Warren and his guitar first. Though only at worse a few scratches came out of the big ordeal, we did call truce, become friends, and take a picture with "our/my man" together.

Fortunately blessings upon blessings have come out of knowing Rals and her fam. A lot of those pertaining to ice cream and cat chasing, but all full of laughter and great one line statements, "Does she know she is a fish?" So as we both enter 2 more years of school, we are praying for doors to open for a place to live near UCCS! It's so fun how God works. You know, He does a better job at being God than we give Him credit for.

Tha Lo' Down!

Ok so the other day I went to this park right down the street called Garden of the Gods. Pretty much I felt like these ginormous rock formations were incredibly too massive to actually exist in the shapes that they are in. They do! It's a fact. Therefore check out some pics!

Also a few days ago, Tristen and I went for a nice hike at an open space that is actually across from "Garden of the Gods" called "Red Rock Canyon". It such a nice place to just get off work and trail run for a few miles. Plus, not to mention, it was quite hilarious when Tristen decides to ask a guy how to get back by saying, "Hey Dood, is this the way to the car?" Hey, there is no exact way you have to use to start a friendly conversation.

So what are you thinkin' about Colorado so far?

This morning, like the past several mornings, I made my way across the "Springs" to my place of work here in Divide. Light was beginning to ease it's way west, in the direction that I was traveling, outlining this massively majestic mountain range. I thought of all of my friends and family out east. How that same sun was able to inch in my directions after already shinning down over the homes and lives of my loved ones. It left me speechless with wanting to say so much. To those that have filled my life for so long and to God, but what needs to really be said. All we really would have to do is smile and that answers enough questions I think. I prayed that the smiles that I remembered are still there and if they weren't that God would allow them to return with laughter as well.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who'da Thunk?

Maybe this is an issue...haha what a start. And no, this is not about ice cream (SURPRISE)! But food, yes. SOOO, I have been having a hard time really getting full. Which is okay, because full most likely means miserable. Yet, still that feeling has been long since remembered. Therefore I decided to eat until I felt "finished". So I grabbed a bag of Tostitos, and lil' Tristen and I sat down to watch a movie. This all in the process of doing a Jigsaw. These chips were pretty dank (good), so you know a sista' just gets in the rythm of reaching in the bag, eating the chip, maybe the occasional mouth miss with a no-look reach down to retrieve-ation, and repeat.

So next thing you know I'm eating a puzzle piece. Not so tasty. That's funny, so I try to hide my laughter so I won't be embarrused in front of a 5 year old. Not to mention it was the ONE piece I had been looking for. No one will ever know which one it is. Until the light reflects the teeth marks.

Haha. Everybody wave to Jesus!! Surely He joined the Heavens in laughter. Who wouldn't?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot Diggity Dawg

A goal has officially been accomplished: Staying Up All Night!!

Yes, that is correct. Thanks to my dear friend Raleigh we chatted the night away. In checking the time thinking it was 12:30, to our surprise (mine mostly) it was 3:18. So how exactly do you celebrate such an accomplishment? None other than 4 a.m. French Toast an' Fellowship! Praise tha Lord!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ackward: It's True Definition

I probably had one of the most enjoyable conversations with my mother today. It seemed as if we were sharing our lives together like usual regardless of the miles and miles between us. (I am beginning to laugh while typing this). So we are in serious mode, discussing life and those in it when I noticed this adorable deer grazing in the pastures; almost cow-like, yet beautiful-er. Therefore I interrupted her with an, "Ooooh."
"What?", mom replies in interest.
"Oh, well it's just a deer." ...silence (searching fervently for a way to find such a typical animal important enough to halt such magnificent conversation). "I mean it's really horny. The deer."

Nooooooooooooooo... is this happening? Thankfully the deafening silence quickly turned into a burst of laughter from my favorite red head, which followed with a, "Hey Tommy (my dad) listen to what your (his not hers) daughter just said!"

Yes, the recovery process may take some time. I will be spending much of it researching ways to describe beauty. Thank you to all that can share in such embarrassment.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Have you ever gotten ready to go run or participate in some sort of exercise, and go down to tie your shoes, then have to ask yourself, "Did I really put this on?" For example yesterday I went to run. I was wearing orange/grey/white shoes, black w/ white logo socks, red/light purple/white shorts, and a teal and yellow t-shirt. How this happened, I don't know. Yet, is it safer to wear this assortment of color when running by yourself? I know that there is a risk of getting caught by the fashion police, but what real robber would attack such a tacky dresser?

However this did bring me back to the time in 8th grade when I went to sit beside my friend Jasmine, but before I could take a seat she snapped at me and said, "Girl, what is you thankin'? Did you get dressed in the dark?"