Monday, April 28, 2008

so nice

it's getting late...almost way past my bed time. in the middle of a little debrief moment; from the day, from work, i've just realized how relaxing it is to not throw your brain to sleep before taking a moment to reflect on the day. especially today.

i think there is a window open. the dog has been barking from next door. his "ruff" seems not to me muffled like usual. hearing the breeze cool down the day just filled me with wonderful memories of the outdoor sounds i've always loved: crickets in the summer, the medley of singing birds in the spring, rain drops (and it's smell too), the tiniest mosquitoes buzzing next to our ears in mekoshika while visiting leslie (though memorable, i'm not sure if i loved that night. but who could resist laughing at bumps on our foreheads the next morning?), the sound of a stream that so perfectly trickles over it's bed of rocks, rolls upon rolls of ocean waves meeting the shore, wind chimes, chopped wood crackling down to fiery coal, wood peckers.

today has been a good day. a day of both laughter and tears. one filled with cloudy skies and blue ones to end the day. as well as one with lessons learned and maybe some taught. i liked today. it's good to enjoy days.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

first ever 5+2

There is this Santa Barbara thing that Raleigh has recently taught me and i've seen her do quite a few times on her blog, and it's called a 5 +2. It is 5 things that you are thankful for and 2 things that you are looking forward to. I'll admit that i tried it the other day and was so self minded that i couldn't/didn't want to think of anything that i was thankful for. Thinking of 5 things that i was "over-with" would have been much easier. But if it is alright (which i hope it is), i would like to try again.

  1. raleigh's fresh made granola (so good every time)
  2. watching prayers be answered
  3. waking up from a nap in the back yard with squirrel shaking in shock (may i note there was intense eye contact.)
  4. getting Beth Moore tickets for this upcoming weekend -- she has beautiful hair
  5. hearing my mom's impersonation of Aerial (bloop bloop bloop)


  1. going to street church tonight
  2. a beautiful week to come

Alright. that was nice. hope all is well with you guys.

p.s. i heard the heat is hitting in NC. shew.

Monday, April 14, 2008

This past Saturday night was a treat. Something that i come to cherish is spending time with kids. They are such a blast, especially since they are not really mine. So when the oppurtunity to babysit came along, old nanny calli went to spend saturday night with 6 brothers and sisters (6 total). kids ages ranging from 2-11, evenly genderized, and all containing some natural form of red hair!

so the night went like so:
  1. ate pizza
  2. watched a movie
  3. put 2 to bed
  4. played a game
  5. put another to bed
  6. then mom and dad returned home

seemed pretty typical i would say. and maybe it was. but man, was it a blast. i don't know exactly why. i know that big families are always fun to me. noise is ever constant, but seems comforting with 6 you know (silence would seem odd)?

just wanted to share.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the little

there is something about walking into work, most likely into the wind, at 7 a.m.
driest air, so crispy cool.
countless construction workers carrying packaged lunch coolers.
i cherish fighting over free parking with these dedicated early risers.

ants are such a tease.
surely they know they tickle so well
as i try my hardest to let them stomp around on my big toe without laughing.
oh, to share common ground with ones so tiny.

waking up to a spring morning has never been
so welcoming as i remember.
Nature must have chorus practice for first period.
perfect practice makes perfect.

His child rocked me to tears.
though she fell asleep in my arms
i observed an irreplaceable gift of faith.
she trusted that she would be cared for, and rested soundly.

may we learn from Your ways.
thank You for taking time to care for
the smallest of Yours.