Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Blackthorn Project

Check out these guys. The Blackthorn Project

They played at the coffee shop that I work at and thought they were quite enjoyable. Husband and wife. Have been playing together for 11 years. Fun, folky sound too! FIDDLE included!!

Lana, I would love to hear feedback considering your music expertise! I'll try not to be nervous to hear the response.

P.s. It snowed last night. Praise God! Now it's sunny! Woop Woop!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

cool thoughts

"what's cooler than being cold?? ICE COLD...alright alright alright alright!!"

Thank you Outcast for giving me something to sing as my tush attempted to freeze, then blow off of my body on the way home from school!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Up to Date

Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know of some things that have been going on:
  • School started this past week. I'm taking 4 business classes and public speaking (ahhh!). The first week was a for week 2!!
  • The church I attend here in CO, Vanguard Church, just moved into a new sanctuary this past Sunday. It is a big change for our church, going from a dark red chair, red curtain, dark theatre to a big, highly lit, brand new, spread out auditorium. Pastor Kelli reminded us that this gift was not for our glory but to live out "loving more people into a real relationship with Jesus Christ."
  • I've been able to see some good movies lately: The Jester of Courts (one that Leslie and Raleigh highly recommended), The Ultimate Gift, Evan Almighty, and The Painted Veil. All very enjoyable and recommended.
  • Leslie was here for a while. I almost wanted to find something else to fix on her car so that she would have to stay longer, but none the less, she has made her way to Whidbey Island, WA. She called me the other day and stated that is was none other than "Incredible."
  • Still reading chronologically. In 1 Samuel.
  • Hung out with some wonderful friends last night (mostly names starting with R), who continuously bring joy, laughter, and wisdom into my life. They are Leslie's friends too, so there is no need for surprise.
  • Really wrestling with running a marathon. I really would like to!
  • In the process of trying to blend a espresso frappe using actual espresso grinds without it being gritty. Any suggestions??
  • This past Thursday the women of Vanguard had a ladies night with food, fellowship, music, and Heidi White (ladies minister) spoke. God is so exciting to see at work.
  • Lastly, I recently met a guy with a Tarheel cap and Jeff Gordon jacket. Oh, there really is a man out there like that!!

I hope that all is doing well. This week will be busy. Tonight I am going with some friends to a Red Robin fund raiser. 2 nights shifts follow, with school and dancing amidst it all.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gaseous ponderation.

In the midst of a Barbie marketing audit project, gaseous noises proceed to ambitiously escape from my body. This all happening without any extra force. For example, gurgling which gradually makes its way up my esophagus for all to hear. So I wonder... this nasty to the point of doing something about it?

Personally, it has become highly unnoticed to myself. So I ask my dear roommate if she thinks that it is to "that point."

RESPONSE: "If you don't think that gas built up in 26 ft. of intestines is an issue, then why should I?"

The comment has since left me unsettled for two reasons:

  1. 26 ft. of intenstinal organs do make home in these bodies of ours.
  2. The amount of time that it must take for these gas bubbles to make their way throughout my body. Why doesn't it tickle...or does it, but we are just used to it??

How disturbing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Winter.

it's snowing. it's cold. it's windy. it's Colorado today.

today is my last lecture in Marketing. which is somewhat sad, because it has been my favorite class in all of college i would say. which seems like a miracle to say considering school has been such a struggle this past semester. honestly just a God doin' His thing: Being faithful and full of grace in the midst of all the pity parties i threw myself these past few months.

hope that your shank's mare is treating you well. it's Marion Webster's word of the day.

Monday, January 7, 2008


About 6 months ago there was a community outreach day that New Life Church organized asking any and everyone interested to get involved in a way they felt it best. So i thought making food for the Ronald McDonald House would be fun and encouraging way to serve. There a met a wonderful and uplifting girl, named Lindsay, whom i thought would be great to have over for dinner and fellowship and such. So she and 2 other girls, Megan (a fellow Africa visitor) and Andrea (another easterner moved back west) came over, ate, laughed, and fellowshipped. Funny thing is they all went off to college soon after.

They are all back for break. Today we had lunch having only talked really once briefly since last semester began. I cannot describe how encouraging it is for God to provide these ladies into my life. We don't really know each other hardly at all, but in my time with them I will always remember that God would have us share our lives. Though God would not ask of all relationships the same, being a body of Christ means we are one family with One Father that has provided us with many brothers and sisters as we walk through this thing called life.

God is good. He is so good. He doesn't have to give so freely, but He does.

See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children
of God; and such we are.
-1 John 3:1a

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Woop woop 2008!!


i have never noticed how embarrassing a 20 day gap in blog post could be. Pretty darn embarrassing. Considering too, after being back in NC, I have realized that people actually do read about my life. Exciting, and brings more initiative.

time at home was good. so, so, way too busy. getting to see so many friends and family members was refreshing. but kind of made me sad to "fit people in" day to day. my hope is that going home is never that way again. made some good memories: hiked, laughed, got coffee, watched bobcats play basketball, played games (intensely), ate, cooked, ate fish, chatted, played golf with uncle bill, etc.

however, with school and work that started the 26th, a plane ticket back to CO with my name on it landed me with slight delay into quite a white Christmas and a place that I have come to know as home for my own.

i have learned a lot since leaving NC 6+ months ago. "a lot" being so vague but needs more words than space to explain. however, in summation of this time, "Jesus."