Monday, October 20, 2008


know what these are????
That's RIGHT!!!
This was such a treat. My friends Justin, Zak, Holly, Jason and I all piled in a little Honda and drove out to the big, no light town of Calhan, CO. Here we found us some Rocky Mountain Oysters, deep friend and highly breaded with some good dippin' cocktail sauce.
SO, how do I descibe this here appetizer...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

totally you!

Blog Tagging: the act of "tagging" through name mentioning by a previously tagged blogger to an untagged blogger; requiring the tagged blogger to state 6 random things about themselves to the blog world and then blog tag to continue providing laughs and knowledge to all who read!

why 6 facts?...
  1. In the 2nd grade I was an old greyhound in our class play which spoke a single, moaning line, "Oh, please, please, don't step on me. I'm just too old. I'm 53. I cannot hunt. I cannot run. My master says that I'm not much fun."
  2. Cafeteria food is incredible. I'm talking, real cafeteria food, not the "fast-food line." Tuesday's salad bar, Wednesday's Taco Bar (yum), Thursday's potato bar is fair game to shake up the monthly menu. And even though friday is always Pizza Day, I'd favor the left overs from the day (or two) before. Favorite all-time lunch meal: "rib" sandwich, side salad, and cinnamon apples and sweet tea.
  3. Speaking of food. Oreo's and milk aren't really my thing. Take a whole oreo, put it in your mouth--DON'T CHOMP YET, drink a little water and let the oreo melt in your mouth. Personal vote for the best way to eat an oreo.
  4. Mom and Dad used to call me "Calli DeNicole." Mom's middle name was Denise, and mine Nicole. Since Mom wouldn't let me be Calli Denise, we compromised.
  5. I own every Celine Dion album...french and english both. That is not so random for those that know me, but top 5 albums...1. Beauty and the Beast 2. Colour of my Love 3. Falling Into you 4. Best Hits/New Day Has Come 5. Unison. I don't know why, really. That isn't what is important though. It's more important to know talent when you hear it.
  6. I rub my feet together to go to sleep. Also when I'm just sitting on the couch lounging. I found out sometime around 10 yrs old, that Mom does the same thing. Could it be genetic???

Tag: Merilee, Mel, Mom, Dad, Margie, Aunt Donna!!

Yaw are it!


Evidently, there is a phenomenon happening in the blog world: BLOG TAGGING. I've been tagged. But before that post can occur, there is something pretty exciting to share...TYELISA, one of my good friends from high school, came to CO and we got to hang out!!

She was staying at the beautiful Keystone Resort, so I begged (really she put up a fight!) her not to get a rental car and let me come get her. Some shots on the way in:

There is something super breath taking in simply the view of mountains. Add a cool, cloudy day and changing leaves and you have a loss of words. Then... see your friend, freak out, hug and remember you can speak again and say, "Tye, I can't believe you're here" a hundred times.
We decided it was cold and we should stop for coffee. Ended up in Georgetown, CO finding ourselves not only getting coffee, but celebrating the Aspen Festival with lots of Aspen lovers.

Tye was hilarious. She is in rare form if she is not found posing for a picture.
We found this park ont the way out of town that was pretty old, like late 1800's. They had just renovated parts of it, including the fence. After we left there, we decided to run onto the town median (note, there was only one) and take a picture with the sign---then darted to Denver and returned back in time for corn-hole, dinner at Jack Quinn's Irish pub, and an arcade game before Momma Mia:

not until this post did i realize how much we did in 29 hours, but there is no way to express how good it was to see Tye.

Funny story, we beat boxed for the kids because we didn't have a cd for the game at church. Haha. We got a kick out of it, but talk about some perplexed 5 year olds!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh what Fall may bring...

It was a day never to forget as the Troublesome Three headed to the town some like to call...Penrose. There, amongst the shrub edged roads and the school children cornered by rattlesnakes, found us we did an ORCHARD, Happy Apple Farm that is!

Though upon arrival a startling post upon the door stating "Late Frost: No Apple's from these here trees." Hampered not by such startling news, onward we marched to find us our awaited treasures: the squash fruit of all fall squash fruit; PUMPKINS.

The Rock Star (Reade), the Gramma (as herself), and the one "Tired of pictures in the wind" (Raleigh) each had their share of pickin's. Funny we found, some green.

Some pictures to prove of our fabulous finds.

Though happy the farm, the apple lovers tear.

Yet Gramma revived the mood at lunch by surprising us girls with gummy body parts to munch. A lemon-lime tongue, an fruit punch eye, and a banana finger to all surprise!