Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh what Fall may bring...

It was a day never to forget as the Troublesome Three headed to the town some like to call...Penrose. There, amongst the shrub edged roads and the school children cornered by rattlesnakes, found us we did an ORCHARD, Happy Apple Farm that is!

Though upon arrival a startling post upon the door stating "Late Frost: No Apple's from these here trees." Hampered not by such startling news, onward we marched to find us our awaited treasures: the squash fruit of all fall squash fruit; PUMPKINS.

The Rock Star (Reade), the Gramma (as herself), and the one "Tired of pictures in the wind" (Raleigh) each had their share of pickin's. Funny we found, some green.

Some pictures to prove of our fabulous finds.

Though happy the farm, the apple lovers tear.

Yet Gramma revived the mood at lunch by surprising us girls with gummy body parts to munch. A lemon-lime tongue, an fruit punch eye, and a banana finger to all surprise!

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