Saturday, November 22, 2008


Mom in Colorado = Amazing

Mom befriending foxes = suspicious

Mom and I sitting in red wood bar stools = fancy

Mom sipping on hot chocolate in the snow = yummy

Mom getting to meet the kids I nannied for last year = priceless

Mom trekin' the Rocky mountains with Riccara, Chandler, and I = Acclimating
On the way up Mt. Cutler, Mom was determined not to slow any Coloradians down. So juggling an uphill hike, a conversation, and breathing Mom strolled up the mountain. About half way up I decided to keep mom ahead of me "just to make sure", 'cause she said she was fine. I shortly called the hike to a screeching halt once she started swaying left to right. We laugh now, but I'm not sure if she would have stopped. Haha.

sunset the night mom left = beautiful sight to reminisce about the weekend

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kajsa Joy

A couple weekend ago I was able to go and watch some soccer and see my friend Rudy and her little girl Kajsa (meaning Pure) Joy. I couldn't help but share a picture of this beautiful little girl. Rudy and I were able to catch up a little, while Kajsa just kicked her feet and talked away. Wow, what a sweet girl.

Rachel G or BUST!!

Oh man. You ever sit down in a pink velvet rocking chair, kick the feet up and grab hold of a good classic novel? You won't believe this, but I did that tonight. Wierd. Granite, I highly recommend it.

This past weekend will go down in the books as a time I'll always cherish. Raleigh and I drove 11 hours to Siloam Springs, Arkansas last Thursday. Home of the Golden Eagles and our dear friend Rachel Gerdin:

While in Arkansas we went to a bangin' concert, ate at an amazing cafe 3 (yes, 3) times called "Cafe on Broadway," watched Rachel play her last game, ate Brawny's ice cream, got to hang out with some of her friends (who are hilarious), played Rock Band, saw U of A, and were able to be with Rachel...which I would say was the main goal!

Here is a pic from the soccer game. It was cold and windy. They are such troopers. I'm glad for sports like basketball and blankets. Thank God for blankets.

Being on the road for 22 hours gives need for a good co-tripper. Raleigh and I live together well, get along and such, and eat the occasional meal together. But never in a million years would I have thought to be so blessed by my time with Raleigh. I haven't laughed as hard as I did in those 3 days in a long, long time.

I'm so glad to have spent time with good friends. And these things'll such make a road tripper smile:

Sweet Rainbow. $1.89 gas.

Monday, November 3, 2008

as the strum of a guitar
vibrates my soul i
watch as the fall unravels

one leaf at a time.

though each plays its
own melody
together they've become

a glorious song.

and as the sun reflects
the fallen yellows and reds
wonder arises

what will this season bring?

my Love.
my Love.