Saturday, November 22, 2008


Mom in Colorado = Amazing

Mom befriending foxes = suspicious

Mom and I sitting in red wood bar stools = fancy

Mom sipping on hot chocolate in the snow = yummy

Mom getting to meet the kids I nannied for last year = priceless

Mom trekin' the Rocky mountains with Riccara, Chandler, and I = Acclimating
On the way up Mt. Cutler, Mom was determined not to slow any Coloradians down. So juggling an uphill hike, a conversation, and breathing Mom strolled up the mountain. About half way up I decided to keep mom ahead of me "just to make sure", 'cause she said she was fine. I shortly called the hike to a screeching halt once she started swaying left to right. We laugh now, but I'm not sure if she would have stopped. Haha.

sunset the night mom left = beautiful sight to reminisce about the weekend


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed spending time with you Calli, you are blessed with good friends out there as well. Thanks for showing me around and making me feel so welcome...I love you..Mom

Lana Joy said...

I know I've been quite cry-y lately, but this series of pictures (and comments) were so great. I miss the Edwards!

Will be thinking of you this Thanksgiving, and how much your whole family has enriched my life.

Much love,
Lana Joy

Melissa/Mel said...

its AWESOME that your mom got to come hang out with you in CO!