Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter thoughts

As you drive west on Austin Bluffs Avenue there comes a point where bluffs and buildings and bridges cease; there you are over taken with a clear view of the rocky mountains. It's in that moment I attempt to take it all in that those mountains are HUGE! Key word attempt.

This morning was unexpectedly cloudy. I couldn't even see the mountains from my house, which is the norm. Kind of wanted a morning out on my own, time to be with just me and my coffee and think or not think.

I was thinking about today, Friday. Good Friday. Somewhere around 1,977 years ago Jesus was dying on the cross. I was just thinking about that. Not knowing how to think best, I just decided to read a little bit about Jesus' last days. He told lots of stories about heaven, about the costs of being a disciple, about faith and prayer.

It was like a got caught up in His life and was in this story with Him, watching Him heal and speak, and tell the Pharisee's and Sadducee's what's up. He's amazing. I felt there. His words convicted my heart as He spoke to those around Him, His compassion and love, His justice and truth. He brings hope.

Even though i'm not sure the point to all those words, I held onto that time as I left the coffee shop. I felt warm and moved and started driving home under a cloudy sky headed west on Austin Bluffs Avenue to some tunes . Know where this is going?

So I get to "that spot" and look out to where the mountains had been covered this morning and even though I cannot see the mountain peaks the sun is shining is the west and onto the Garden of the gods. What your supposed to think in that moment, i don't know. But the thought that came to mind is "the sun is rising soon." Thank you Jesus! Oh Easter.

What a wonderful time to think about Jesus. Who He is. Though I am not going to be home in NC for Easter, my friends and family have been near my heart.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.