Thursday, February 21, 2008

Applaud if moved!

I just wanted to make you all aware of a tip that could possibly be life changing if not physically and emotionally enhancing...i know it was for me!

Mary Kay has released top advice on how to achieve a Wow Brow. Something that I have found most profound are the tips for the unbeatable brows that really seem to draw attention to, none other, the Mary Kay sparkle color lip gloss I have been so hesitant to use.

But know that it is much more important to stick to the basics:
  • moisturize
  • moisturize
  • moisturize ladies!!

It is age defying!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

confusing...and not confusing

confusing is:

  • a 60 degree day forcasting a night of snow
  • why i still have "my humps" on my i tunes followed by "come on over, baby" while letting my playlist shuffle (can be dangerous)
  • a male under the age of 60 driving with a lap dog

not confusing is

  • why i never get tired of the jackson 5
  • ...or backstreet boys
  • a 60 degree day
  • loving every meal at 314

in conclusion to my post i have found defining confusing is not as important as defining unsettling.


"my humps" followed by "come on over baby" followed by "i want it that way"
followed by, none other than, "hit me baby one more time"...hmmm...and only in
the matter of this post.

Monday, February 11, 2008

my heart found so flawed
prone to wonder
so easily captivated by an attempt
at defining what is best for my life

i have neither lost the ability
to cease control
nor gained the humility to recognize
my life is not my own

what a shame it would be
to come to the end of my days
and have claimed any right to the
good so often placed before me

what use is self
but for the instrument of
which true identity and
Life can be carried

may all hope result in
never being seen again
refine this cry

Friday, February 8, 2008


Some belated Christmas pics...woops.

oh spenc...
little cousin Lisa...who is getting married so soon.
leslie came and stayed for a little while. packing and repacking her car has come to an end now that she is in whidbey!!

two things that my heart has taken a liken to:

1. iscicles
2. sunsets over His mountains

Yesterday i met with dorri and the kids (tristen and trenton) for the first time since nannying. we ate mexican, chatted, shared laughs and memories. tristen is in kindergarten and trenton in his first year of middle school. both enjoying it. dorri doing well, looking for a place to move her and the kids into close to where they were living.

This is Chandler. We have walked together for many-a-week now. It is soon coming to an end in today being my last employed day as his "walker." I have learned to love even though I didn't want to because of my time spent with this dog. True story.
Purpleish and red toes and fingers=very cold.

White toes=frostbite

White toes= is it cold?...'cause i can't feel it.