Wednesday, February 13, 2008

confusing...and not confusing

confusing is:

  • a 60 degree day forcasting a night of snow
  • why i still have "my humps" on my i tunes followed by "come on over, baby" while letting my playlist shuffle (can be dangerous)
  • a male under the age of 60 driving with a lap dog

not confusing is

  • why i never get tired of the jackson 5
  • ...or backstreet boys
  • a 60 degree day
  • loving every meal at 314

in conclusion to my post i have found defining confusing is not as important as defining unsettling.


"my humps" followed by "come on over baby" followed by "i want it that way"
followed by, none other than, "hit me baby one more time"...hmmm...and only in
the matter of this post.


Anonymous said...

Just when I think I can't figure you out, I believe I finally have!!!!

You've totally lost it !!!

But that's my girl...

A 60 degree day with a humppy back street boy carrying a lap dog, being hit one more time ; Sounds like a day in the life of Michael Jackson...
Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Your dad is awesome!
I love this post for a number of reasons. More and more I am beginning to suspect our minds think alike. And I love that. I agree with most of your "not confusing" list. Kyle and I were just saying how much we love the Jackson 5. And we all know I love the Backstreet Boys. And warm days (I'll leave the term "warm" up for interpretation). I'm going to suggest perhaps a revamp of your iTunes in order to prevent such random playlists. SCARY, sister friend. Scary.

Calli said...

Lana are you interested in being hired as my revamp coordinator?...really, we can talk salary options. and surely there will be a bonus for kyle's confirmation of the jackson 5.

However, unsettled may also be defined as dad actually figuring me out...hmmm?