Sunday, January 25, 2009


There is hardly an easy way to begin after a month+ separation from the world of blogging and faithful readers. In attempts to ignore all awkwardness i opt to plunge right in. Bare with.
Time in NC was amazing. Hardly anything was like I thought it would be; but perfect. This time, more than any time back, I was able to spend time with Dad and Mom...and Devin for that matter. Then the day before Christmas Gramma Edith ended up staying with us for a few days. Some of my favorite sayings from her:
Mom: Tomorrow morning we are going to get up and play dress up. But Gramma, you don't need to. You are already pretty.
Gramma: I know. What is wrong with me?
She couldn't see me putting salt on her food. I asked her if that is enough.
Gramma: You didn't even put anything on there. I wouldn't do nobody that'a way.
Gramma: I love you. You are so pretty. Oh, thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.
Along with great family, was time spent with great friends. A highlight was one day in Asheville, NC, where my friend Amanda met up with me and my friend Kristina for a day going down the Blue Ridge Parkway, going to the Grove Inn (to see gingerbread house contest results), and lunch. I can't tell you how much that time was both refreshing and laughter filled. Oh funny.

After home, was CO for a day to get packed again before heading to Galveston, TX. Here we...

...spent about 9 days cooking food and doing home repairs for those who needed due to the destruction that Hurricane Ike did this past September. It's hard to know where to start, but here are a few pictures in attempts to share.
These are from the first house we were at. The Garcia's had been doing prison ministry in this home for 30 years. Living and raising a family in it for more. Mr. Garcia is in early-middle stages of alsheimer disease now. Inside their house, they received over 2 foot of water in the second floor. Even though the outside of the house looks somewhat okay, there was mold damage in most of it. If you piled debris within 6 ft. of the side of the street the city would pick it up for free. Even that was certainly a blessing for these families.
Even Home Depot hasn't repaired their damage.
Will and Matt moving sheet rock.
And then, a couple weeks ago Leslie came to visit us CO folks. I always count it as an absolute treat to have her here. She excused my many appointments and made the most of our time together. Like doing normal things: eating lots of grits, staking "lord of catan" rights, trekking to calhan for Rocky Mountain Oysters, and willingly walking Chandler with me. Which made me think her and how blessed I am to see her so often as I walked him again the other day.

It saddens me to think that this could even begin to do justice of the past month. It doesn't. God is doing amazing things. I am so thankful to be apart of them in the slightest ways.