Monday, May 26, 2008

9:47 p.m. MST

What is life like without school?

It's like my internal clock would not function if there were no anticipation of a classroom lecture or a late-night attempt at writing short answer, upon short answer, upon essay.

And rightly so, considering i've been told that learning is nurishment. (soothing)

None the less, i will climb that palm tree of knowledge and bare hold of its fruit. Even if i want to pull a George Washington to the darn thing.

ahhh...that feels better.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


there is something special about tonight.
if it wasn't enough for You to set the mood
with the figure of Your creation outlined with
the setting sun, then You have made sure in
this moment of silence.

i dare not move

let's just remember, tonight.

Psalm 116:7

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Myer's Park?

This morning, my hotmail advertised an article by Newsweek posting America's best high schools. There were 5 out of NC (2 in Greensboro, 2 in Raleigh, and 1 in Charlotte). The one that surprised me most was Myer's Park at 38th in the country. Myer's Park...really? And crazy that NC had 5 schools on the list.

Ole' Colorado had one i think. But was standing proud. is the link to the article.

Monday, May 19, 2008

we are before an awesome Giver of Life. and that is so encouraging to deepest part of my soul that has been yearning to believe the truth of that statement.

there seems to be no good reason for me to have received the blessings of today that has provided this joy. i know that i don't deserve them, but none the less, they a have been provided. selah.

this morning was an early rise to what i thought was about 8 or so considering the amount of light coming in my window. however 6 is obviously the new 8...and even better, it was warm enough for tea, reading, and short-wearing on the back porch. the Lord does a work of art in our lives. as i read about His love and purpose for Elijah, it makes me more eager to live more faithfully and willingly and availably, so that He can be honored and others may know this unbelievably unconditional love.

as the day went on, much laughter, work, and conversation went down at 314 Maplewood. it may be hard to believe, but raleigh and i don't really get to spend a day together. often i forget how fun she is. mostly because it's discouraging to live with such an incredible student (and be the polar opposite.) however, today i was well reminded of the wonderful friendship we share.

also, change has been wanted, needed and gradually accomplished. when things stay the same i tend to get restless and it shows. considering something had to be done here are some fun changes of late:

1. change in seasons

2. enjoying a clothesline

3. finding a free push mower...a "divine send"...really

4. being able to bike home and seeing this

5. a little flower bed...and a garden to come.

the climax of the day, however, was celebrating the year of life given to Mandy and Dave (friends met through raleigh). Her name is Avery and she might sure be the most amazing depiction of the joy that God can bring to our lives. pictures will most likely be on their blog.

thank you for reading.

Friday, May 16, 2008

chandler is chewing my sock. and i am upset because it is my fault.

grrr...irresponsible dog sitting.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


kids are amazing.
they continuously blow me away.
i have been able to help with 3-5 yr. old kids on wednesdays.

there was this little girl tonight that had hurt her foot on a toy which led to crying/ hyperventilation. so i asked her to to calm down so i could understand her, and she pointed while crying. and turns out, there was nothing there, that i could see at least.

so i had an amazed look on my face, and asked her how she was able to heal so well, because that was unbelievable.

and she look at me with the most duh look i have ever seen i think, and said, "well, it was God."

what faith.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my toby

words of truth from my bud toby, "ain't it crazy how there can be a million buggies at wal-mart, but i get the one with the messed up wheel! can you hear it?"
wiggle skreetch wiggle