Friday, February 25, 2011

ramblings past 12

it's really good to be home. life is pretty surreal at times. i'm often reminded of being in my home town, means i will run into people ALL the time that i know, might know, should know, or know of.

the "should know" is my favorite. :) for example, i went to school apparently with a gals daughter that i served at the wine shop. yea...i couldn't place her daughter. we both tried really hard. nope, didn't know her. and, still being asked if i'm still with "that boy" from high school. poor boy. he deserves to be known by much more. ha.

tonight just cracked me up when the musician playing started talking about a Bernie Edwards over the mic. no big deal, that's just my great uncle. i proceeded to hear about 5 stories about my uncle from a good 40 years ago. one being that a gentleman at the wine room actually became a teacher because of my Uncle's influence. Who is this family i belong to? Hmmm...

just some thoughts before bed. it's been a long time since i have seen 2am. suppose that is life when you work at a wine bar.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Our friend Leslie gave us a chair when my family lived at our last home. There is something about the low-sitting, simple pattern feel of this chair that's so fitting for our "little-sized" family. What a treasured gift.

Moving back to NC...i pause. I can't describe home, my heart, and this change right now with pin-point accuracy, but I do know that my heart is a melting pot of much joy, excitement, uncertainty, grief, and desires. Well, maybe that is pretty accurate! Temperature wise, I must say that it's hot and is stirred relatively often.

My dear Mom and Dad are AMAZING. I'm not sure why I've been given such fabulous parents that are patient, insightful, listeners, challengers, HILARIOUS, and give give give their love, but I have them. Thanks, God. I think my parents are a great reflection of God's stability. Even though personally my heart fills like a hot potato, Mom and Dad are present, love me and desire good for me. God too.

Faithfulness has been running through my mind a lot. God's faithfulness and my faithfulness to Him. I shall note that mine's a little flimsy. Faithfulness doesn't feel very attainable, but complaining at least brings some relief...right? I sit here to confess NO. I'm a fool to think, and forgiven to, by grace, remember my Father's faithfulness to me.

I'm such a sucker for Christian Radio. Such a fan of both "cool" and "uncool" christian contemporary (which in some cases should not be considered so) music! Who cares if the message is obvious and the same phrase is said over again to annoyance. It's good true stuff, and I dig it. Not to mention play it loud. (and side tracking)

94.1 K love is my station here...well along with others. Yesterday morning there was a whole morning just talking about God's faithfulness, and this morning I spent time reading these blogs full of God's people knowing and experiencing God in His faithfulness.

In a response, I'd like to do the same. And I want to celebrate and thank God for His faithfulness to you too.
  • The Lord has given me breath, life, a wonderful family to live with and among, health, and food to have and share.
  • Jesus has been patient to bring understanding, help, grace, and peace each day. Spending time with my Savior has made such a difference in having strength to take on each day. I've missed mornings with my Jesus, and am so thankful to have them in this season of life.
  • Laughs. Friends who make me. Stories that well them up from deep within. God, thank You for such an amazing gift that heals and mends.
  • One job and maybe two in a weeks time. Not to mention, two jobs that really have edged their way into my "dream job" list. I'm a huge Panera fan, and yesterday was my first day behind the counter as an employee. What a blessed girl I am. And, I am also so intrigued by vineyards and wine. Today I have the opportunity to speak with a local restaurant about serving wine and food for them. I know that I cannot judge a book by it's cover, but I am simply honored how thoughtful God is.
  • I didn't know I needed to have a retired Dad at home to keep my spare time company, but I have so needed to get to know and spend time with my Daddy. There are so many qualities in my Dad I admire. Now that he's retired, he's like a whole new man too! Thank You Father for being faithful in ways I didn't know I needed You to be.
Just reflecting, thinking, and thanking simmers my heart. Thanks again, Jesus.