Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pictures say enough at times. These are all from this past weekend in Indiana. Lovely weather and beautiful wedding (Lana and Kyle.) Best of all: wonderful friends, whom i tend to call my family. And I got to see Dad and Mom! Sweet, refreshing, hilarious, incredible weekend.

Seen above (Left to Right): Maddie, Katie; Calli, Lana, Kyle; Little Eva, Brian; Bridesmaids (Emily Anne, Emily Jane, Lana, Leslie, Calli; Calli, Gramma & Granpa Gottschalk; Mom, Emily Jane, Evan.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

man, does time fly or what?

it's mid-september...leaves are changing colors a little...nights and days are cooler (if not cold at times)...a weekend in denver, with a weekend in indiana to follow for Kyle and Lana's wedding...my friend tyelisa here the weekend after that. life is full and beautiful.

days are coming and going.

bless you today.

Monday, September 1, 2008

harvest and trip pics.

Happy Labor Day to all! All you labor folks you!
I know we are focusing on not working today, but some exciting news: today is the first official day i get to join the staff at Vanguard Church working along side the "P-team" in the children's ministry. Main task ahead are scheduling, playing with kids, telling kids about Jesus, setting up stations, and more things that involve technical child care terms (no need to confuse you)!
But since it's really a holiday, this morning there was time to take pics of the garden and there are a couple at the end from my trip with Raleigh to Evergreen, Edwards & Brekinridge, CO last weekend.

round squash...

yellow squash...

snap beans...


maybe an okra sprout...

Raleigh & I by the river you see below.

Brekenridge, CO. P.s. there was a bubba gump's in town that had a fantabulous fish sandwich. It beats 'bout any i ever had.