Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5.27.09 - This post needs pics!!

This day has been quite fabulous. In reverse:

There is a moth frantically flying around in the lamp next to me. Yikes.

I am currently watching Disney's The Kid at 11:20 pm. Why?...because it cost me $16 to rent it for church. Though I am enjoying it because it is a love story and Bruce Willis is an all time fav, this will certainly teach me to return movies on their due dates!!

The kiddos at church ROCK! The 4th and 5th graders under great leadership have totally used their creative gifts to paint much of the VBB decor!

Run on a warm spring afternoon as the sun began to set.

VBB planning. God is so good to provide.

Boston Christopher Vincent visit. Matt and Tricia's second and most recent addition to the Vincent fam. Tricia is also a quality George Strait fan along with being a mother of 2 now! Quality.

A work day that consisted of a 5 minute break to watch the Thunderbirds for the Airforce graduation. Wow. (I'll have to post pics of this for sure!)

Wonderful P-team meeting! I can't believe the ladies that i get to sit at the table with every week. This week they gave me a graduation gift...any guesses?? hint..think country! I'll just spill: A CAST IRON PAN! This blessed my socks off. Seasoning instructions were included i think. No worries ma.

Morning at home. Couch. Coffee. More coffee. Jesus.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Guess who was in town??!!?

That's right!! The Edwards themselves!
Dad, Mom, Devin and Angela all decided to "fly the bird" (as Devin says) and come out to celebrate graduation with me.

Even though there really was lots to celebrate! Shall we elaborate?

1- Livermush! The real breakfast of champions and God's gift to the North Carolina Native!

2- Dad and Mom flew in on their 26th Wedding Anniversary! WOoo!...we could stop there I think. But let's continue...

3- We got to see a red fox on Pike's Peak...he looked hungry and kept staring a Devin!!

4- It rained the whole time almost, but at 9,000 feet we drove through sleet which Mom sure thought was fun!

5- Devin let his hair down!! Whoop whoop! Sure was a special night... guys remember the "undertaker?"

6- It was so wonderful to have the fam here for graduation!

Degree is a B.S. in Business Marketing. Somewhat surreal and fancy sounding.

I sure love my fam. We had a great time going to dinner, visiting hot springs, riding up 13 out of the 19 miles of Pike's Peak (it was snowing on top), cooking out, and just being together. It is really neat to do site seeing and visiting places that we have never been before. I do still look forward to being able to spend time in NC with them soon again.

My roommate Raleigh graduated also as a Master in Sports Medicine. Her attire: a hooded gown and matching cap, a white rose for rememberance, an award which she humbly accepted for the most outstanding sports medicine student, and a smile to top off the excitement of graduating!! I'm so proud of her.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hi all.

I had a post in mind this afternoon. It'll have to wait.

There was a 5th grader at my church who decided to email me a youtube video. It's a video about a professor at USC whose life was changed at the drop of a peice of chalk. The link is below.

Chain letters aren't really my thing. Whatever it is, i'll read it, but I'm not up to send an email to 10 people to "see what happens." Honestly, that kind of makes me nervous. And I justify that my life is exciting enough to defer.

As a watched this video, I was blessed by the faith of this young girl. She received the email from her friend...who is the same age!! I love this. I love the thought of these young girls talking about Jesus and encouraging each other to faith and love.

So I watched the video (which you may watch), and tried to imagine myself with such courage and faith as that boy. Surely I would stand up! Right?! Then I began to read the comments. First, I was shocked. Then really shocked.

Then, I thought, "They are talking about God like that! The very God that I believe in and talk to. My friend and Savior." Man, that's not okay.

In the email, the girls were saying that you should watch this because it makes you think. It really has caused me to. God does not need to me to help defend Him. But i think that it is a very real question to ask, "Will i stand up for who I believe in?"

Friday, May 1, 2009

marshmallows should be a dairy product.