Monday, May 11, 2009

Hi all.

I had a post in mind this afternoon. It'll have to wait.

There was a 5th grader at my church who decided to email me a youtube video. It's a video about a professor at USC whose life was changed at the drop of a peice of chalk. The link is below.

Chain letters aren't really my thing. Whatever it is, i'll read it, but I'm not up to send an email to 10 people to "see what happens." Honestly, that kind of makes me nervous. And I justify that my life is exciting enough to defer.

As a watched this video, I was blessed by the faith of this young girl. She received the email from her friend...who is the same age!! I love this. I love the thought of these young girls talking about Jesus and encouraging each other to faith and love.

So I watched the video (which you may watch), and tried to imagine myself with such courage and faith as that boy. Surely I would stand up! Right?! Then I began to read the comments. First, I was shocked. Then really shocked.

Then, I thought, "They are talking about God like that! The very God that I believe in and talk to. My friend and Savior." Man, that's not okay.

In the email, the girls were saying that you should watch this because it makes you think. It really has caused me to. God does not need to me to help defend Him. But i think that it is a very real question to ask, "Will i stand up for who I believe in?"

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