Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5.27.09 - This post needs pics!!

This day has been quite fabulous. In reverse:

There is a moth frantically flying around in the lamp next to me. Yikes.

I am currently watching Disney's The Kid at 11:20 pm. Why?...because it cost me $16 to rent it for church. Though I am enjoying it because it is a love story and Bruce Willis is an all time fav, this will certainly teach me to return movies on their due dates!!

The kiddos at church ROCK! The 4th and 5th graders under great leadership have totally used their creative gifts to paint much of the VBB decor!

Run on a warm spring afternoon as the sun began to set.

VBB planning. God is so good to provide.

Boston Christopher Vincent visit. Matt and Tricia's second and most recent addition to the Vincent fam. Tricia is also a quality George Strait fan along with being a mother of 2 now! Quality.

A work day that consisted of a 5 minute break to watch the Thunderbirds for the Airforce graduation. Wow. (I'll have to post pics of this for sure!)

Wonderful P-team meeting! I can't believe the ladies that i get to sit at the table with every week. This week they gave me a graduation gift...any guesses?? hint..think country! I'll just spill: A CAST IRON PAN! This blessed my socks off. Seasoning instructions were included i think. No worries ma.

Morning at home. Couch. Coffee. More coffee. Jesus.