Monday, May 25, 2009

Guess who was in town??!!?

That's right!! The Edwards themselves!
Dad, Mom, Devin and Angela all decided to "fly the bird" (as Devin says) and come out to celebrate graduation with me.

Even though there really was lots to celebrate! Shall we elaborate?

1- Livermush! The real breakfast of champions and God's gift to the North Carolina Native!

2- Dad and Mom flew in on their 26th Wedding Anniversary! WOoo!...we could stop there I think. But let's continue...

3- We got to see a red fox on Pike's Peak...he looked hungry and kept staring a Devin!!

4- It rained the whole time almost, but at 9,000 feet we drove through sleet which Mom sure thought was fun!

5- Devin let his hair down!! Whoop whoop! Sure was a special night... guys remember the "undertaker?"

6- It was so wonderful to have the fam here for graduation!

Degree is a B.S. in Business Marketing. Somewhat surreal and fancy sounding.

I sure love my fam. We had a great time going to dinner, visiting hot springs, riding up 13 out of the 19 miles of Pike's Peak (it was snowing on top), cooking out, and just being together. It is really neat to do site seeing and visiting places that we have never been before. I do still look forward to being able to spend time in NC with them soon again.

My roommate Raleigh graduated also as a Master in Sports Medicine. Her attire: a hooded gown and matching cap, a white rose for rememberance, an award which she humbly accepted for the most outstanding sports medicine student, and a smile to top off the excitement of graduating!! I'm so proud of her.


Lana Joy said...

I'm so proud of you and excited for the next step of adventure.
What weekend was your graduation? I'm so sorry we missed calling you on the day-of.
We love you so much and cannot wait to see you later this summer.
Congrats! Also, congrats to your parents for 26 years!!! That's awesome.
P.S., doesn't it seem like everything's alright in the world when Devon feels comfortable enough to let his hair down? A sight I had never seen! Thanks for posting your pictures.
love you.

Anonymous said...

Devin should cut his hair. What a girly looking dude.