Friday, February 25, 2011

ramblings past 12

it's really good to be home. life is pretty surreal at times. i'm often reminded of being in my home town, means i will run into people ALL the time that i know, might know, should know, or know of.

the "should know" is my favorite. :) for example, i went to school apparently with a gals daughter that i served at the wine shop. yea...i couldn't place her daughter. we both tried really hard. nope, didn't know her. and, still being asked if i'm still with "that boy" from high school. poor boy. he deserves to be known by much more. ha.

tonight just cracked me up when the musician playing started talking about a Bernie Edwards over the mic. no big deal, that's just my great uncle. i proceeded to hear about 5 stories about my uncle from a good 40 years ago. one being that a gentleman at the wine room actually became a teacher because of my Uncle's influence. Who is this family i belong to? Hmmm...

just some thoughts before bed. it's been a long time since i have seen 2am. suppose that is life when you work at a wine bar.

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