Friday, February 8, 2008


Some belated Christmas pics...woops.

oh spenc...
little cousin Lisa...who is getting married so soon.
leslie came and stayed for a little while. packing and repacking her car has come to an end now that she is in whidbey!!

two things that my heart has taken a liken to:

1. iscicles
2. sunsets over His mountains

Yesterday i met with dorri and the kids (tristen and trenton) for the first time since nannying. we ate mexican, chatted, shared laughs and memories. tristen is in kindergarten and trenton in his first year of middle school. both enjoying it. dorri doing well, looking for a place to move her and the kids into close to where they were living.

This is Chandler. We have walked together for many-a-week now. It is soon coming to an end in today being my last employed day as his "walker." I have learned to love even though I didn't want to because of my time spent with this dog. True story.
Purpleish and red toes and fingers=very cold.

White toes=frostbite

White toes= is it cold?...'cause i can't feel it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Calli for sharing your pictures. I can't belive the size of those icecicles...the last time I saw any that size was Christmas in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Oh and cute toes by the way.....they look like little people on the end of your foot.

I love you and miss you a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

When I came to the picture of the sunset over the mountains I actually couldn't breathe. that is one of my favorite things of all time, Calli. And the dog, Chandler, is SO precious. I feel badly for your toes - I completely understand what with my dead hands in the winter and all.

Thanks for the encouraging words last night.

Anonymous said...

Hey Calli.
The pictures were beautiful,even those sweet little toes.
And no I don't think they are
Just letting you know how much you are missed, and loved, everyday.

all my love
Aunt Donna

Leslie said...

The good news is the Jimmy is officially unpacked. The first time since August 17th! What a trooper!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are AMAZING buuut I bet you can't guess which one is my very favorite!!!

Love ya,


Calli said...

hmmm....margie, you know, i'm not quite sure, but i would guess the one with the handsome, young gentlemen (a.k.a. your son) in it! i agree that it is a good pic.