Thursday, October 16, 2008

totally you!

Blog Tagging: the act of "tagging" through name mentioning by a previously tagged blogger to an untagged blogger; requiring the tagged blogger to state 6 random things about themselves to the blog world and then blog tag to continue providing laughs and knowledge to all who read!

why 6 facts?...
  1. In the 2nd grade I was an old greyhound in our class play which spoke a single, moaning line, "Oh, please, please, don't step on me. I'm just too old. I'm 53. I cannot hunt. I cannot run. My master says that I'm not much fun."
  2. Cafeteria food is incredible. I'm talking, real cafeteria food, not the "fast-food line." Tuesday's salad bar, Wednesday's Taco Bar (yum), Thursday's potato bar is fair game to shake up the monthly menu. And even though friday is always Pizza Day, I'd favor the left overs from the day (or two) before. Favorite all-time lunch meal: "rib" sandwich, side salad, and cinnamon apples and sweet tea.
  3. Speaking of food. Oreo's and milk aren't really my thing. Take a whole oreo, put it in your mouth--DON'T CHOMP YET, drink a little water and let the oreo melt in your mouth. Personal vote for the best way to eat an oreo.
  4. Mom and Dad used to call me "Calli DeNicole." Mom's middle name was Denise, and mine Nicole. Since Mom wouldn't let me be Calli Denise, we compromised.
  5. I own every Celine Dion album...french and english both. That is not so random for those that know me, but top 5 albums...1. Beauty and the Beast 2. Colour of my Love 3. Falling Into you 4. Best Hits/New Day Has Come 5. Unison. I don't know why, really. That isn't what is important though. It's more important to know talent when you hear it.
  6. I rub my feet together to go to sleep. Also when I'm just sitting on the couch lounging. I found out sometime around 10 yrs old, that Mom does the same thing. Could it be genetic???

Tag: Merilee, Mel, Mom, Dad, Margie, Aunt Donna!!

Yaw are it!


Lana Joy said...

This is why we're friends. I mean, I know that our families are close and all, but I knew there was ONE reason why we are able to meet on such a deep level: our love of Celine. I'm so jealous of your collection -- I only have 5 of her albums and not some of the ones you mentioned as your top 5. Perhaps someday I will rectify this situation.

Anonymous said...

Dad & I are working on our "little" known facts about ourselves this weekend. Hang onto your pants until you hear back.

Go get 'em Donna, Margie & Tana.

Let's see what ya'll have that we don't know about you.

I can't wait to hear this.

Anonymous said...

.....Mom facts:

1. As a child I was quite the daredevil. Thank God I finally outgrew that. I believe it started at 5 yrs old when my mother had me "convinced" that she was a witch and knew how to fly on a I figure I was her child I must have that ability as well. Keep in mind that at that time my favoite TV show was "Bewitched". So on Halloween, I dressed up as a witch of course, grabbed the broom and took a run and start and just couldn't get that lift I needed and ran through the shrubs and right into the carport brick wall. I have a nice scar over my right eye to prove it.

2. I won the Miss Merry Christmas pageant in the 8th grade by doing a disco dance to "Love Rollercoaster" by the Ohio Players. Strobe light, green satin overalls, 5-coloredtoesocks & glitter platforms. I rode in the Christmas Parade that same year.

3. I had a major crush on Robert Redford as a teenager.

4. I can't stand for my feet to be dirty. I prefer to have my shoes on most of the time.

5. My favorite place in the whole world is the mountains. I get all caught up in the magnificence of God...that's why I love them so much.

6. I love people "all people" and it gives me so much pleasure to make eye contact with someone and get a smile or a little conversation back.

So there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Well, let me think....
I have a real close connection to my mom, because when i was small, I tried to be her protector. We were very close all the time. She and mamaw Perkins were all I had.
The fact that I look so much like her but have a different personality is evident.
My love for all my family,and that I
verbally tell them all the time that's the difference.

Anonymous said...

Margie's facts...

1) I was the "Heart Fund Poster Girl" for SC. What this meant was pictures were plastered everywhere of me holding a cardboard heart with the center cut out so you could see me on the inside of the heart. It was to raise money for the American Heart Association. (I still have a picture if you would like to see it sometimes!!! lol)
2.I played basketball in high school and on the day of my very first game I was soooo nervous! We lost but the good thing was that by the end of the game I had tied for high scorer of my team. The bad news is -- so did the person who sat on the bench the whole game!! Our final score--- 42-0!!
3) While in college I was the mascot for our men's basketball team -- GOOOO NEWBERRY INDIANS!!!
4) I have been in the presence of one US president. Ronald Reagan was the guest speaker when my brother graduated from the Citadel. It was an AMAZING experience!
5) My very favorite place on earth is to be on the beach early in the morning to watch the sunrise (with a cup of coffee of course!). To me that is the most beautiful and most peaceful place EVER.
and last but not least....
6) I have an obsession with M&Ms. I cannot eat just one. I cram as many as I possibly can in my mouth at one time--I then suck on them for a minute until they start to slowly melt--AND when they get good and soft I chew and enjoy the most sweet delicious chocolate ever!!(Of course I started doing this as a child and would like to say that I have outgrown this but--- I can't!!!)

Sorry but I do not know anyone else who has a blog to pass this on too but thanks for sharing -- this was fun!

Calli said...

lana...i know. the celine appreciation dates way back to the titanic years. do you have her Christmas album? if not, i need to send it your way for these "special times"

mom...i can't wait for your visit to the mountains here! thank you for showing me how to see God in them...and teaching me to "fly!"

aunt donna...what? you don't have maw maw mable's personality? haha. yaw are both a hoot though.

margie...really, you were a poster girl? awww. and how do you feel about coffee, sunrise and m&m's?? m&m donuts?

love you all!