Thursday, July 19, 2007

One More Thing

In the process of, I am about to move. Temporarily I am going to live with a friend of several friends, Riccara, while finishing my present nanny position and in searching for a home near the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Though this time with Ricci is not intending to be a long stay, I am SURE it is going to be hilariously exciting!

Then meet Raleigh, a.k.a. Raleisha. While at the Warren Barfield concert we proceeded to fight over which of us was going to meet, kiss, marry, and spend the rest of our lives with Warren and his guitar first. Though only at worse a few scratches came out of the big ordeal, we did call truce, become friends, and take a picture with "our/my man" together.

Fortunately blessings upon blessings have come out of knowing Rals and her fam. A lot of those pertaining to ice cream and cat chasing, but all full of laughter and great one line statements, "Does she know she is a fish?" So as we both enter 2 more years of school, we are praying for doors to open for a place to live near UCCS! It's so fun how God works. You know, He does a better job at being God than we give Him credit for.


raleigh said...

i'm honored to have made the blog, finally, after all these years of friendship.

Anonymous said...

hey calli,

just down at mom's chillin.It looks like you are very happy.Everytime I look at your blog site Abigail comments in a 4
years old whinney voice "I miss my Calli", and then the question "Is she ever comin home again?" We miss you very much.
We luv U, Monica,Abi and Maw Donna

Anonymous said...

Yo kid, do you know that somebody loves you and misses you? SMILE, What's up Cal, Concord, and surely Wilmington is different without you here or there. (Give up on thinking of who this is)? Your moma....moma Donna. Ed and I pray for you everyday, be safe and be happy and it sure looks like your happy. Keep in touch! I surely know your mom and dad miss you, but are proud of you, and so are we. Keep praying for my girl, who is still at UNCW.... LOVE YOU KIDDO, stay in touch, and keep posting on your blog. Love, Moma Donna