Friday, July 6, 2007

Ackward: It's True Definition

I probably had one of the most enjoyable conversations with my mother today. It seemed as if we were sharing our lives together like usual regardless of the miles and miles between us. (I am beginning to laugh while typing this). So we are in serious mode, discussing life and those in it when I noticed this adorable deer grazing in the pastures; almost cow-like, yet beautiful-er. Therefore I interrupted her with an, "Ooooh."
"What?", mom replies in interest.
"Oh, well it's just a deer." ...silence (searching fervently for a way to find such a typical animal important enough to halt such magnificent conversation). "I mean it's really horny. The deer."

Nooooooooooooooo... is this happening? Thankfully the deafening silence quickly turned into a burst of laughter from my favorite red head, which followed with a, "Hey Tommy (my dad) listen to what your (his not hers) daughter just said!"

Yes, the recovery process may take some time. I will be spending much of it researching ways to describe beauty. Thank you to all that can share in such embarrassment.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Calli! My gosh, that's hysterical. Let's start on the vocab building with a word-of-the-day email, such as from or something. I happen to LOVE that service. Or you could just start reading a dictionary in your spare time, although it's not as fun as it might seem.