Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random happnin's annd updates!

Tomorrow I am putting the first of my stuff into Riccara and I's house! Yes, yes!

I just finished the book "Living the God Life". It's highly recommended. If the fact that I actually finished reading the book does not sell its potential, then how about I am going to read it again. Hah!

This weekend Tristen and I were driving down the road (well she riding and I driving) and she likes to look at the clouds and find things out of their shapes. So she sees a cloud and says, "That cloud looks like a baby cub in an airplane."

"Oh, yes mam you are right. It sure does." I replied. "What else do you see?"

"Well, that cloud looks like a big, long paint brush."

I search deeply to find the image, then confirm with a, "Sure does! What do you think is being painted up there?"

The quickest response ever: "A baby cub in an airplane."

Right. Duh right? How could anyone miss that?

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