Thursday, August 30, 2007

What a week! ...briefly

There is so much that I want to share about what has been going on in the 10 DAYS?!? However, considering I am in class right now and my professor sounds like the Charlie Brown teacher I have but a window of time to..."prioritize my time" (hmmm...good justification to not pay attention). Leslie and I are about to throw the rest of my stuff from Riccara's in the car and head to Denver. Mom and Dad are leaving good 'ole North Carolina today after work! I love them so dearly. Leslie and I are going to meet them in Denver then head down to C-Springs.

The UNCW Volleyball team is playing in Boulder, right outside of Denver, so maybe we will get to see them.

Mine and Raleigh's new house is getting closed on today and is ready to be moved in as soon as we all get back from Denver.

It's been absolutely crazy thus far with Les. It's been fun having her be the first introduced to my friends, who were technically her friends first, plus some wonderful new ones, and be apart of my "living day-to-day" life. Though I believe that my life has been blessed as quite exciting, it honestly doesn't compare to what it is like when she is around. I told her that I expect to the unexpected when she's around. For example, we summited the second highest mountain in the connected U.S.. We camped out the night before beside the glorious mountains beside the Twin lakes, woke up at 4:45 and were at the top by 9:15!! We enjoyed the miraculous view for like 10 minutes considering I had fatty, frozen hands and she was missing something quite vital for survival (OXYGEN). Haha. The summit was worth every bit of the hilarious comments made on the way up. In which we didn't laugh at any of them until we were on the way back down.

Les and I attempted "Tracy Edwards" baked spaghetti... SUCCESSFUL!!

Raleigh and Leslie decided to talk me into running off a plank (for speed), ride down a zip line, kick my legs (for more speed), then extend my legs to brace the impact of a gianourmous tree. The running led to a 2 foot leap of faith where my hands slid off the bars where I then proceeded to plummet 10 ft to the solid earth. I was then greeted by Leslie's classic laughter and her firm belief that I wanted to fall off because I "chickened out." Though not true. I don't know which would have hurt worse.

Settler's Settler's Settler's of CATANNNN!!!!

In a quick summary, "Who needs sleep when they could be eating Choc-O-Lot's chocolate chip cookies?"


Anonymous said...

Hey Cal, just wanted to drop a lil note, say i love you, and your friend surely is missing you a the dub. Have fun kiddo, and be careful. Moma Donna

HeatherMichelle said...

are you living like the funnest life ever?

Anonymous said...

love reading your comments and wondering how you are doing.
love you Moma Tana