Friday, August 10, 2007

Greenhorn Peak

This past Wednesday, in having the day off, Raleigh and I headed to her fams cabin in hopes to "hipe"/hike Greenhorn Peak, which summits at 13,347 ft. It is beautiful (for lack of a better word). As we climb upwards for 4 hours the sights of Colorado seem endless almost.

The top picture, Vanna gracefully shows off eastern Colorado...into Kansas. Below is where either a tornado or mud slide shredded a multitude of trees that we passed through several times on the switchbacks in search of the top of this giant!

From the top:

These next group of pics are western CO. It was so neat being above tree line. Probably the most surprising thing was the tremendous amount of flies at the top. Like Rals said, they were pretty brave. They would just hang out fearlessly on your sleeve, like we wouldn't swat 'em off.
In hiking pretty much all uphill to the top, an easy downhill stroll to the bottom was all that was left. Which it was until...I proceeded it would be a much better situation to twist my ankle oh, you know, a lil' over an hour down. So for at least 2 more hours we hike down, with Rals' calf muscles under constant strain from nursing an already sore tush, and still she carries me across multiple streams since I'm not able to hop from rock to rock.
The total time of the hike was a lil' under 9 hours. Yet a short nap, a camp fire, Mark Broussard, and "walkin' it out" for the Lord seemed to cap off a great great time with Leisha in Greenhorn.

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Raleigh said...

man, we look like goons on the top of the greenhorn. was an awesome hike, though.