Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Candy bars. Correction: Mini/"Fun Size" candy bars are way too fun to eat. Mini=size Crunch, 100 Grand, and Butterfingers have gone nicely along with Pumpkin Seeds perfectly seasoned with butter, salt and Worcestershire Sauce. It's Halloween right? It's only respectful to throw the everyday hazards of the healthy diet out the window for the sake of all the little kids in America doing the same thing tonight!

Today has been a Halloween for sure. My friend Jamie, whom I work with at the Perk, wanted to dress up this morning for our customers. So we came up with a style that one customer put quite fitting as "a little bit country, and a little bit rock n' roll." Until Jamie put freckles on my face no one even knew I was dressed up. I guess this is Colorado or something, therefore overalls and cowgirl boots isn't much of a costume.

On the way to and fro work there is a beautiful street that I get to drive down called Nevada Ave. that goes all the way through downtown. I remember driving down this road toward the end of the summer and the street was completely shaded by the leaf filled trees hanging over into the lanes. You can't help but be caught up in the feeling of autumn now. It's so beautiful now that the colorful trees are almost bare of leaves and so perfectly representing the cool and crispy air that just teases you until the next little snow. Here is to share a little bit of that refreshment Nevada Ave. seems to bring me.

But you will never believe who was at the Harvest Hoe Down tonight bouncing around in the bouncing gym thingy that Phyllis (whom you will meet later) and I got to watch over and even (yes, it's true) see fly...Jeffery Gordon!! He surely was the best bouncer out there!!

The Harvest Hoe Down was a sweet, good time. Watching all kids just go circles and circles around this huge jungle gym of a thing and coming down the slide screaming, "YAAAAYYYYY" or "I did it, look Mommy!"

And as earlier, I had mentioned Phyllis. Haha...well here she be. She proudly walked into the Hoe Down with her pants held high and a pep in her step that shook that 'fro and let tha glossy glimmer on her lips shine from every angle the sun would let it! Haha. Phyllis seemed to think that my name was Jane for some reason. I told her that she could call me whatever she thought necessary for the fact her shirt sang true of us country folk being "BIG on the PIG."

I hope that you all had a Happy Halloween too with many trick-or-treat-er's and candy to eat for months!

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