Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bubble Wrap-age

i feel like i am being selfish when i don't share on my blog about ways that God is providing. He is remarkably present. even in some of the funniest ways. if it be that He has surrounded me with wonderful friends, a house to live in with a blessing of a roommate, an opportunity to see Leslie, Mom, and Dad, or even a job at a local coffee shop, then He is showing faithful. does He have to? No.

He chooses to. not because of anything that i have done. yet for some reason i can expect that of Him. and even though i can expect that, sadly it always surprises the heck out of me. He cares about the tiniest aspects of our lives. for example:

in all of the unpacking, washing, putting things in their set places things had began to be repetitive. and all that i wanted was to remove something from a box with bubble wrap (so over cardboard and Styrofoam at this point). though it was somewhat of a joke, it would have put a smile on my face to jump on, twist, or see how silently a bubble could be popped.

so nonetheless, the cashier at ROSS's wrapped our discounted (yet, stylish) dishes in bubble wrap the very next day. God would do that. why wouldn't He?

the same God that provides bubble wrap, provides not only friendship, a home with furniture, or a bangin' job. but even more so, He provides us with His Son as a way to possibly grasp the smallest concept that He loves us beyond understanding even to the tiniest of details in our lives.

i know i have a tendency to get spiritual over things. but it doesn't take much for me to get excited. and to know that God knows that...

i hope that you receive your "bubble wrap". i'm taking He is willing to hand deliver.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you express your love for's always a lift to me. I've read this numerous times but read it again this morning and it made me really think about that concept..

You are my you-Mom

Melissa/Mel said...

LOVE it! found the link to your blog on leslie's...

heart you.

thanks for sharing about the bubble wrap!