Friday, September 14, 2007

Mom and Dad in Colorado!!

I KNOW!!! I honestly can't believe it either.

Mom and Dad really were in Colorado. For almost a week too. Driving over 1600 miles over night, not being able to stretch out their legs, and rising 6200 ft. did not keep Dad from saying, "Look, we gonna have to stop for some fried chicken." We had a blast. The time was so precious that we got to spend all together with Leslie. We went for coffee and had to play a HUGE game of catch-up on her life.
After Leslie went back to Montana to finish her AmeriCorps term, we did a lot of painting and remodeling to the new home (which is ridiculously enjoyable for our family), but made sure that we made time for meatloaf and Garden of the Gods.

One thing that is definitely a blessing to see is how "so in love" mom and dad are...without a doubt. Of course while we were at G of the G's, mom was going through this funky posing stage, but dad just let her do her thang. Which makes since considering he did marry a red head (there is no stopping us).

And yes I will freely admit that laughter, fried chicken, and yaw's after yaw's were full force while they were in CO. Surprisingly, no Jeff Gordon convo's or sweet tea. But you will have to ask the folks about getting snowed on while at Pike's Peak.

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Anonymous said...

Calli....Dad and I really enjoyed every minute we had with you. We worked a lot but we still had fun doing it because we were doing it with you. It was especially nice to see how excited you were about everything. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Colorado with us and it was great meeting your friends out there. Ya'll come see us when you can!!
We love you...Mom and Dad
P.S. The sky really was bigger than I've ever experienced anywhere.