Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 4

I feel very content today. Joyful of friends, family, circumstances, school (yes...somehow), a 60 degree fall day, ...

3 friends of mine are getting married this summer (2 of them younger than myself)

There is a wonderful REAL Christmas tree in our house.

16 consecutive wonderful dinners

School is coming to a close this semester.

My long-time and still NC residing friend Tori and I have decided to do one of the craziest things that we both have ever done together...train for a marathon. We both are aware of the prayers that we need. Training for a marathon is painful, time consuming, and big goal. Staying healthy and away from injuries is important, so feel free to keep us in your prayers.

Lastly i have the day off of work...so nice.


Anonymous said...

You know, me and your mom will be praying lots and lots, thats for sure. I have decided to ask your mom if she wants to go and cheer you and Tori on. We could work some of the pit stops..(just move from one to the other) if thats how they do it. i love ya Calli...can't wait to see you.
Moma, Donna

HeatherMichelle said...

oooh, marathon sounds neat! :-)