Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Zits and Jesus

Today has been unbelievable. The weather has changed what seems like 20 times. It's been chilly for the most part. Work was so busy and fun; truly enjoyable. And I have this zit on my forehead. It's a legitimate zit; one that is sore when I raise my brow in interest. Also one that keeps anyone from looking at me in the eye because of its distracting capabilities.

But you know the funny part is that every time I think of it or realize its presence, I think about my Savior...well our Savior. About how I am falling in love with Him. Even though the connection between the two is not so clear I am reminded of how uncontrollable my feelings for Him are.

I have been able to meet some of our great neighbors. Ike and Donna that live at the end of our road have become quite special to me. I drove Donna home from the Perk after a long walk today and her tone of voice just carries the gentleness of God. Her dog rode with us. Nothing about the dog reminded me of God. However, I hope to get coffee with her and Ike soon.

Don't you think that zits should be spelled kzits? Like gnats. or...never mind, that is silly.

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