Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lenting 6: Goodness

I told a friend about my blog tonight. Dumb. Now I have to write something good.

True story. I had a bird poop on my head in the same week i stepped in dog poo. This was 2 weeks ago.

A lot has happened since then.

The story picks up today where I started the morning waking up to my first alarm in time to turn on coffee, proceeding to sleep through my second alarm. I am very thankful for parents who don't mind or notice when coffee gets bitter. oops.

Still got to have a few minutes with Jesus. Enough to read that God chooses us. Yea. Wow.

Got tired of my nose ring not healing. Took it out. Teared a little.

Dressed and ready for online learning at Panera. Today was a true test of Panini making knowledge. Outcome: Passed and earned a discounted muffin! Score.

Needed more time with Jesus. Learned in James 1 that God choses us and gives us wisdom. Don't need to believe otherwise. Why? Because we can have faith in our God who gives us everything we need for life and godliness. 2 Peter 1:3

Scooted over to the Speedway to meet Dustin for some lunch time hanging out. My face should hurt from all of the smiling and laughing. It doesn't, but it's amazing to me the topics of conversation that happen on a walk, or over a pb&j served with apple and carrots. Not to mention, the encouragement and joy. Oh strawberry preserve jam...thank You Jesus.

Headed home before a run. Re-entered the nose ring. My hole had already closed! Stream of tears. Nose ring in tact! I think I needed to take it out to see if I really wanted it. I do. It's settled.

Went to nap. Instead, chatted with a friend about life and Jesus. Yea, I just need to say our Father is aware of our needs. I'm thankful to come together with my friend, even miles away, and know our hearts are near as we ask Jesus to help us have faith.

Did lay my head down for 23 minutes. :)

Dressed for a run, and got called about settling a house sitting issue this summer i'm not able to do now with two jobs. Situation settled. Got to be excited about Karen's trip to Tanzania with her. I hope the other options for the pup goes well!

Ran 24ish minutes east and almost made it to downtown. Got tired. Saw two guys drinking a beer washing cars. Tempted to join them, but decided i'd better get home. Ran home one mile short of the needed training distance. Gosh, running is hard these days.

Ate a bit.


Mom came home. We walked around the block, then played a game of cards. Mom is so fun! So beautiful. So great to share life closer with.

Met my friend Kristi for mexican. I soaked up the time with this beautiful friend. We've had many memories together. Thankful to make more tonight. I don't understand the goodness of God. But it's obvious in Kristi.

Like extra rest, and the humor of bitter coffee. Like Dustin. Like Panera Cafe Sandwich Knowledge. Like James. Like the ability to pray with Mom. Like seeing Dad able to shuffle dirt around in the yard. Like chatting thousands of miles away, hearts needing...hearts hoping. Like a smile from a stranger. Like being able to give thanks.

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