Monday, March 14, 2011

Lenting 5: Gardening.

Today, Dad helped me till a garden area. It's approximately 12 x 15. Ground: fertile. Roots and rocks present: less than before today. Fun had: lots.

I can't control the excitement that I have right now.!!!

There is a lot to gardening that enthralls me. Like, the fact that I just got to break up dirt!! Not just that, but this is where the produce will be (Lord willing) in a few months: right underneath my feet. And, oh the roots that are to be uprooted to provide good growing room!

Hands got dirty. SO good.

All of the posting I've been able to do is so late at night. As a result, the thoughts of growing, being broken up and letting to set until planting, and the hidden "treasures" found in the soil are each valuable thoughts I had personally today. However, they are FULL thoughts.

In brief, here is public wrestling of my thoughts. What kind of soil is reflective of my heart? Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

I tend for a hard road...perhaps worn and beaten, over-traveled, not willing to give.
I tend for the rocky soil...letting in a little, but not much. Good, but not absorbent or deeply penetrable.
I tend for thorny soil...sharing the ground with weeds. It's all good, until it's time to bear fruit...negative.

I long for good soil. Absorbent, healthy, moldable.


Today, Dad helped me till a garden. Man, it was good.

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