Monday, March 28, 2011

Lenting 11: Colliding

Last night a group of old and new friends all joined together at the house to play games. We all had a blast. Even Dad joined in on the fun with a special appearance. :) This retirement thing is really loosening the pop's up I think!!

When world's collide, there is beauty. Obviously there are exceptions, but the lives brought together are beautiful. My cousin Lisa and her husband Joe are two hilarious and fabulous people that I've gotten the privilege to share life and chicken pot pie dinners with since they've been married.

How these two have not spent time with me and my friends Kristina and Chad that are fabulous, sweet, hilarious friends...i have no clue. Sunday night...beautiful collision.

And Mom and Dad. We can all agree, they are wonderful, great...beautiful two. :)

From working at Panera I have gotten to know my sweet Swiss friend Maya. I want faith like her and want to hang out with her and her husband Shane when possible. Not to mention, her parents are visiting from Switzerland and they joined in the collision!

I don't want this to seem like bragging on having friends. I need instead to confess our God is good. Our God is amazing doing exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine. My life looks nothing like I planned moving home. I've needed Him to take control. My heart is thankful.

As a result, I can't keep these blessings to myself. I want my friends to know each other and the richness of how wonderful God has made each of them.

There is grace as I look at these friendships. I'm thankful God has let me find joy in being a third wheel. I know this perhaps is not trendy, but I love seeing relationships, marriages. Couples that are inviting to a single gal is such a blessing to me. We just avoid games like checkers...or rotate! Double elimination anyone?!

As I get to know a friend of mine Dustin, in community and among friends, I hope my life is as inviting as the ones I shared the room with Sunday night. I hope my time with Dustin welcomes and is encouraging. Sure, we have lots and lots of fun together which is great. Perhaps this too, a beautiful collision.

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