Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lenting 2: Isaiah 55

Isaiah 55. Reflections.

I friend just sent me this passage to read. Thoughts:

I need to read this everyday for a while.
v1 - Are you thirsty? At first glance, maybe not. But as I kept reading I wanted Him to ask that question again so that I could change my answer.
v1 - milk or wine. It's okay to have a preference? Really?
Listen, hear and listen.
Trusting is necessary to believe You have the best in mind.
So inviting.
I need this invitation.
You are near. So near. Not forever, hence action needs to be taken now.
God help.
Your give mercy. Forgiveness...abundantly.
You're so good, so forgiving, so understanding, so inviting, so gracious. You're not understood. You are okay with that.
You don't waste like I do. I'm incapable of not wasting it seems.
God help.
You are purposeful in every crick and cranny.
Not only does Your creation go where You say, it's productive and You cause it to meet the needs of Your people.
Your Word, the same.
You mean what You say.

You mean Your invitation.
You offer.

Please don't give me an option of what to drink.

v13 feels like me. Glory, God.

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