Sunday, May 30, 2010

deep breath

so in the midst of some of the "ick" that it seems i've been posting, it seems fair and good to reflect on the sweetness of life.

today makes that pretty easy.

it's not very often that many of the people that mean so much to me i am able to see in one day. i wouldn't want everyday to be this way simply because that means i'd never really share life in a deeper and fuller way. but seems as if today was a reminder of how God's goodness is now in my life.

here are some of the things and people i am thankful for:

i'm thankful to have a church family that i can grow and change with, be challenged with, and know Jesus more with.
i'm thankful for amazing places to hike (4 hikes in 3 days so far this weekend. thank you, Jesus.)
i'm thankful to get a phone call from my brother. i love his boyish laugh.
i'm thankful to be able to watch, love, and share life with the middle boys and girls at vanguard. they are so gifted and so precious. God has amazing plans for them.
i'm thankful that ashley, coryn, and i are 1 week away from running the steamboat marathon.
i'm thankful for a God that has given His Son out of His ridiculous love for my sins. And not just that, but gives me the grace to continue to know Him...
i'm thankful for a mom and dad who love each other.
i'm thankful for discount grocery stores.
and, i'm thankful for great examples of people of faith, integrity and hope in my life.
4 bean sprouts and 3 given tomato plants...thank You.
memories with friends...thank You.
having memorial day off...thank You.
celebrating friends graduating...thank You.
freedom...thank You.
lastly, considering it's getting late, i'm thankful for rest.

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