Sunday, May 16, 2010


there are a lot of places to live in this world. because it's my job, i read letters from all over everyday. i'm amazed at the appreciation that people have for the beauty of where they live:
"the mountains here are so beautiful."
"we live in texas where it is hot and humid, but we are thankful for the home we have."
"here in south dakota it's mostly flat and we get lots of snow...but we like the peace and quiet."
"here in pennsylvania we have four seasons."
it's neat to reflect on these things. my parents were sitting on the front porch of their beach home earlier today just soaking in the "sweetness" or goodness of where they were. I couldn't figure out if dad saying, "i'm leaving home to go to work", or mom's, "we're just sitting here as the wind chims silently jingle" was the most entertaining statement made.
right before i chatted with the hopefully-nearly retired couple, i had just stepped outside and thought, "gah, i love the quietness of colorado." i do. i'm so thankful. my heart is glad here. my mind is a peace and stiller in those moments. i feel like this is good for me in life.
this afternoon i also broke up the ground and began to plant some veggies. the dirt was cool and soft under my feet. this brought a smile on my face too.
i forget these little treasures that God provides. they're more abundant than I know or care to recognize.

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