Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The funny part about posting this is that i haven't documented a lick of the process. This past Sunday, I along with my friends Ashley and Coryn (see below) crossed the finish line at 4 hours and 30 minutes. Training was full of ups and downs. Literally with the terrain, and also in all the other aspects. It's amazing the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual struggle and growth that takes place. Having a "team" which we respectfully called ourselves "Brooks Babes" was key. (we all wear brooks :) ). I needed the accountability and support. However, the laughs and convo's on the long runs were invaluable.

We also worked on celebrating, by at least once a month having a Sunday cookout/hangout time! Got to celebrate...got to!

AND... the parentals came along with my Aunt Donna! Poor, Aunt Donna. I'm pretty sure that everyone thinks that her name is "Auntdonna" that i introduced her to. One word. Auntdonna.

We went up the Peak and visited Garden of the gods before heading to steamboat.

Once we got to steamboat, the fam went on a hike while i did some last minute prep for the run:

Oh it made me sooooo happy to have them here: the fam along with my friend, Riccara, who received the full Edwards experience...gas and all. Even in CO there was a lot of front porch sittin' at the Hotel Bristol, which was only 3 blocks from the finish.

And the race...oh the race. It was beautiful! The course was pretty hilly which made for a sore yesterday and today, but every step was worth it. There is a sweetness in crossing the finish line that really can't be understood unless you experience it.

Some people say that you "get the marathon bug." I wouldn't argue it. Today i couldn't even rest my legs another day. I wanted to get out on trail again.

I think what might be hard for me to ever let go are the times of just being away, running, and thinking. Without trying to put expectations on what happens when i run, i can't help but to say that I am a different Calli than i was before i started this training.

call me a dork, but when i saw this picture below i thought, "yea, this is me." running does bring a smile to my face. a friend, charlotte, asked me at work, "how do you do it?" i told her after thinking on it, "one step at a time i guess." i've felt purged in this training. sometimes thinking of running another mile seems impossible; like there is nothing left in me. sometimes all i have is one step to give. it's amazing to find yourself 26.2 miles later at the finish.

regardless of what the racing future holds, i hope i can remember that truth as i move forward in life. i also hope that i remember to celebrate well too.

instead of having to take an ice bath, which i avoided the whole training, i told ash and coryn i'd get in the river with them. pure snow melt! so cold.


Anonymous said...

Calli...you are an amazing woman.I'm so glad to be part of your family.You inspire me to be a better person.Much love and hugs to you always.
Love AuntDonna :)

Lana Joy said...

This is awesome, Calli. I'm so proud of you, and inspired a bit. Probably not to a marathon for myself, though. ;o)

We miss the Edwards so much. Yesterday, Kyle said--I miss the Edwards, when can we go see them? I wish it was soon.

Much love.

Carol G said...

Congratulations, Calli, on an awesome accomplishment! Thanks for sharing some of the inspiring lessons you learned along the way.
I have never liked running, so I am amazed that you, or anyone, would choose to take on such a challenge and see it through the pain, boredom, lack of motivation, etc! What a great personal victory! Way to go, Girl!

You know you are welcome here at Lake Manitou in Rochester anytime! Your wonderful parents, too!

Calli said...

loved having you here, aunt donna.

i am hoping for a gottschalk visit this year! i'd love a gottscwards reunion!