Sunday, August 22, 2010 brief

1. Getting to see these beautiful girls take on life, be challenge, and grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus! I love, love these girls.

2. Going camping with these girls has changed my life forever! I have never laughed so hard in my life. And...not to mention these girls put on their own talent show. I'm convinced these girls will rock this world.

3. Mission of Mercy has been so good to work at. For many reasons, but really, it's unbelievable the encouragement you receive by working with a team that's seeking the same goal. Oh, wonderful team and friends celebrating our friend Charlotte leaving for Swaziland.

4. Dancing, dancing, dancing. My dear and hilarious friend Riccara had a birthday ball! Yes, amazing. As you can see, the princess herself is in the middle. She's such a blast to celebrate, and oh how i have missed being on the dance floor with friends.

(Meredith, Rudy, Ricci, Raleigh, Me)

5. Friends, fires, and freezing rain. Honestly this was one of my most memorable 4th of July's. Laura, Jamie, Steve, and I went to Rampart Reservior to celebrate freedom :). We did. And before we could finish our first smore the hail started to come, went down my britches mind you, and called our celebrating an early quits. None the fun. So rich.
6. And....because Tyra (right of guitar) and Crystal (holding guitar) are gifted in getting tickets on the radio, we may have seen GooGoo Dolls and Switchfoot in concert. And may have met them before the show. This was soooooo fun. So fun. Switchfoot is a really sweet band. The guy with the glasses in his shirt, John, played the guitar with his teeth. Yep. He did.
7. Hahahaha. Tinabell!! This should really be closer to the top since Kristina came the 26th of June. At the top of pike's peak we were getting snowed on! Ha. We got to make lots of memories. Midnight bikeride. Drove through the mountains. Laughed. Got coffee. Ect...ect.

There is really so much to say, but I am blessed to have a friend in this girl.

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