Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yum....i hope

Some things in life just make me happy:

dancing, melting snow, morning cups of coffee, listening to people tell stories (not lies, stories), laughing, sleeping in a warm bed, holding babies, jogging, the shower, watching little kids love Jesus, and cooking... has been this new form of therapy in my life and way to express my inner creative self. at least that is what i learned in my creativity class. recent cooking has been sweet potato casserole, cranberry salad (gramma mable version), espresso crinkles, and this morning, Cinnamon rolls:

A couple hours of preparation, some just letting the dough rise, made for a wonderful looking treats at least. Any imperfection i'm hoping cinnamon butter will fix. Haha. Hoping to make some treats at home.

Thanks Mrs. Tillman for the recipe.


Lana Joy said...

Wanna come to my house and cook? Cinnamon rolls are perfect! Great. Glad we agreed. I'll expect you in a week!

Calli said...

haha. you know i don't take offers like that lightly!!! can we make jam too??