Saturday, December 20, 2008

to grandmother's house we go...

have you ever had sore arm pits? yowzers. i never knew i flexed my pit muscles so much until they got sore.
right before exams were over, i deeply desired some sort of retreat from the hustle and bustle that often comes with being a student, working, and life really. however, how do you go on a retreat and not spend a lot of money... go to grandmothers house!!
raleigh and i went to gramma shellenburgers for a couple nights. she fed us, did puzzles with us, cranked up the christmas tunes, made christmas treats, and we allstill found many ways to rest up next to her fireplace.
however, to explain the "not so happy" arm pits, there are two explanations:
  1. making a "little bo peep" snowlady with a sheep
  2. playing frisbee (an ice cream lid) with two amazing have to dive everytime the frisbee is thrown to you and you have to throw the frisbee within 3 seconds of catching it
i had no choice but to be a kid in the snow; having to shed wet clothes at the door and jet to the fireplace to warm. what a blast.

we did 5 puzzles. to celebrate, a senior picture pose beside the finished peices.

the price of stay was time spent making peppermint bark, chocolate covered pretzels, and cookies to share. that is the best deal for a free stay i can think of.

Above: the suger cookies we made (bikini momma snow woman in honor of tropical weather in NC) And Below: the fireplace, where you could find Raleigh and i beside most of the time. We often try to save money by not raising the thermostat to much. Having a fireplace to sit beside = wonderful.

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