Friday, June 6, 2008

NC, Food, and the sky

Things will be considerably different between 6:45 am MST and 11:10 pm EST. I will have:
  • completed 6 hours of business elective...and be done for the summer
  • landed in the Charlotte-Douglas airport where my wonderful ride, Spencer White, will pick me up then head directly to the Speedway Blvd. Steak-n-Shake!
  • been unemployed (not including the occasional Chandler walk) for almost 3 weeks.
  • only less than 72 hours before VBB/VBS starts at church!...getting pumped.
  • and hopefully have packed appropriately for the cool, NC air...psssh.

This weekend will be exciting. The quickest visit to NC 36 hours (including sleep). But, mom and i have already discussed food, and the game plan for the day so it should be spectacular. And get this...SUNDROP POUND CAKE!! hey hey. mom's brilliant.

You know, the past two years of my life, cereal, tuna, soup, and microwavable frozen meals were the highlight of my dietary habits. But this year has proven to be much different. For example this week alone:

  • Monday: Grilled Salmon with grilled vegetables and fruit.
  • Tuesday: Terriyaki Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Zucchini Kabobs.
  • Wednesday: Grilled Salmon Sandwiches w/ chips and Fruit
  • Last Night (after a cool and rainy day):
Chili! A special recipe, that will most likely not be revisited till the next cool fall day. So, yes, chili with corn muffins (corn kernels included), and crispy green lettuce leaves topped with walnuts and strawberries (raspberry-walnut vinaigrette if you wish).

I am so full still after this week. But the best piece of advice i have for you is come and visit! We offer a cozy environment with funny people and delicious food (to say the least). And if you leave dissatisfied, we'll feed you ice cream!

Yay, for summer time. With warmer weather, the blue sky becomes mixed with puffy clouds which sometimes turn to a mucky grey, bringing rain. But i love thunderstorm...when i'm in a safe place. Growing up, my Pawpaw Cal would sit outside on his porch and watch the illuminating clouds draw near in such an uproar it would shake the house. I think I share the same joy in seeing something so big and out of my control take over the sky. While sitting on the back porch the other night, i snapped a shot at the sky trying to maybe grasp how incredible these clouds were.


Anonymous said...

A few notes on this post.
1) SUNDROP pound cake?! Count me in. I need that recipe pronto.

2) Your trip sounds awesome and exhausting. Hope you love it.

3) Your eats for this week are incredible. Much better than anything I've consumed since living on my own.

4) I love that picture. Not sure why, but I just DO.

Safe travels, sister.

Leslie said...

Sorry for Lana, she doesn't have access to the one all-important ingredient for Sun-Drop pound cake...Sun-Drop. On a different note - I am jealous of your short and sweet visit to the TarHeel State. MmmHmm. I can taste the sweet tea now.

Raleigh said...

i can't believe you put a picture of dinner on your blog.

Anonymous said...

It was WONDERFUL to see you (even if it was just for a little while). Look forward to seeing you again in July. I love you Calli and hope you had a good trip home.