Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a quick run-down:

in 5 hours Raleigh takes me to the Denver airport where i'll head to see Leslie for 5 days in Washington. There will be some Seattle sight seeing with much time on Whidbey (going to work at the lavender farm, do yoga, camp out, laugh, eat wonderful and fresh garden food).

Then Leslie drops me off on the 14th for a red-eye flight to myrtle beach where i'll stay with Leslie's sister, Lana, and her friend Sarah, for 2 days. i think that i may have mentioned that Lana is getting married in september, so it will be so nice to catch up and see facial expressions with THE spectacular story i'll ask her to tell. Maybe twice.

Then to Concord, where cousin Lisa is getting married to Joe. Whoop whoop. And hopefully this will be the first pit-stop to post pictures.

And to think this is only a third of the trip to NC.

I'm looking forward to it. To seeing friends and family. To seeing the beach and sunrise hopefully. To Sundrop and Dill Pickle Chips!

Tonight was such a wonderful night though (I have to mention it.) Friends, tacos (both fish and beef), blueberry-peach cornmeal crusted goodness & ice cream, so...so much laughter, a slight attempt at cornhole, and seeing the pink colorado sunset over the mountains. I can't imagine any other way i would have enjoyed this night more.
I am blessed.

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