Monday, July 21, 2008


with a breeze coming off of the old atlantic ocean, it's really not too hot. the comfort of being around old friends and family makes for wonderful conversation and laughter. it's good that some things don't change so much.

i'm in wilmington now for a couple of days. it's crazy to think that my little cousin is about on day 3 of her marraige that she is still celebrating in disney world. i'll never forget the look on her husband joe's face when those doors opened and she walked down the isle. he cried. i and all the bridesmaides cried. then lisa started tearing up. i love love stories.

life has been crazy for quite a while, but funny enough since all my old roommates are not here i have some time to reflect on what's been going on the past few weeks. unfortunately with all of the traveling i've spent close to zero time with mom and dad. that's more acceptable 2500 miles away, but not if your in the same state. so i'm glad to spend time with them soon.

have you seen batman? it's a pretty good movie. i'm sure that most everyone would like it. lot's of action and heath ledger does a bangin' job. however the highlight of the movie for me was getting a message that my friend Rudy had her baby...Kajsa Joy. She was born a healthy baby 7 lbs. 6 oz. I'm so excited to see her sometime when i get back!

Here are some things that I am in anticipation for:
  • spending large amounts of time on the beach.
  • seeing more friends here in wilmington (some newly married)
  • Dad's coming and seeing gramma Edith
  • Seeing Merilee in WV. Being a part of her community and getting to know up close the people and place around her, and share life in the same place for a few days.
  • Momma's home cookin'.
  • dancing with momma.
  • Sweating! Really that is a lot harder to do in Colorado.

There are some fun things that are coming up in the fall too. All that i am excited for, but i'm trying my best to make sure of the time that i have here is spent here...sun a blaze, blanket fully spread, and 50 spf lathered on the pastiest white legs you've ever seen.

yesterday lauren said, "yea, calli you are pasty." and no laughter followed. she was dead serious.

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Anonymous said...

I HOPE you forgot one thing on your list of what you are anticipating when you get back to Concord!!!! lol No uh don't worry my feelings aren't hurt too bad!! And even though I did not make your list (lol) I AM looking forward to seeing YOU while you home!!
Love ya girl, Margie