Monday, March 24, 2008

a la carte of thoughts.

We should have Easter Music season. I remember back in The North Carolina (emphasized for March Madness) K 104.7 played Christmas music 2 months or so before Christmas. So hear ye, hear ye...Easter Music...donde estas (where are you)?

I don't know if you have ever been to a Seder (the Jewish Passover Dinner), but this past Friday I was able to attend one at church. The meal is a time to recognize God's deliverance of the Israel people from their slavery and bondage in Egypt. Every part of the meal symbolized something. The food, scripture, of course the Matzo bread and wine (juice), and even the songs of worship. I think that it is so neat to be apart of history. And God is still in the deliverance business.

Easter having been celebrated this past weekend means that Spring is full force. I encourage you to call my mother in the next, oh hundred or so days. Lately the reaction that she has given after asking her about her day is..."It's spring. It's sunny. And the greenhouse is full of flowers." Makes me laugh.
Spring feeva is such a struggle this year. Makes me contemplate tanning bed.

Will any southern baptist admit doing lent this year? Growing up thinking that it was only a practice of catholicism, I put my roots aside and took part. i tried to give up cussing, but it lasted 3 days. so then i tried to give up smoking, but hell. No i really did decide to give up stepping on the scale. Old habits die hard they say.

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Melissa/Mel said...

i realize this is a little late, but sometimes i listen to christmas music at Easter - cuase the way i see it, one is pretty much useless without the other!