Sunday, January 3, 2010

celebrating. home.

Today is my first full day back in CO in 2010. It's nice to be back. I am celebrating this morning though. A glass of funky tasting milk, half a grapefruit and a banana. Funky tasting things don't bother me mostly, or at least they won't keep me from celebrating.

I called mom in the Springs Airport. Her first words were, "Are you home?!" For the life of me I don't know where those words came from. I think of those this morning as I celebrate.

You like blue grass? I sure do. There's not a lot of things that twang to the melody of my soul like blue grass. Have you ever heard Moses' words to a bluegrass tune? It's a treat. You won't regret having heard it...especially when you celebrate.

Home is where the heart is you know? I'm coming to believe that more and more.

Waking up to Mom and Dad stirring grits and frying bacon. My heart is there. I'm at home.
Coffee cup in hand and talking life with my cousin Lisa. My heart is there. I'm at home.
Driving Interstate 85 eastbound to Goldsboro, NC watching the sun fill the trees barren branches. My heart is there. I'm at home.

When I get to look into my Gramma Edith eyes as she searches my familiar face telling me she loves me before she says it. My heart is with her. I'm at home.
Getting to see the smiles on the faces of my friend as they lift their little girls with their loving arms to feed them. My heart is with them. I'm at home.

Running on the treadmill I think of my Gottshchalk family, or friends heading to other countries and in other states. My heart is with them. I am at home.
As the frosted ground this morning shows it's face and I think of tonight spending time with the Tillman family before a week full of work. My heart is here. I'm at home.

I am at home on the journey home I suppose.

I have so much to celebrate. My time in NC has been FULL and beautiful. I am encouraged and loved by so many encouraging and loving people. I must celebrate the lives, friendships, and family that surrounds me. I cheers my funky milk. I'm thankful.

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Lana Joy said...

These are beautiful words and a beautiful thought. I will ponder it all day. I had forgotten, momentarily in the insanity of the past week, that we're on a journey, and we're not supposed to get too comfortable. At the same time, we CAN be at peace.

Thanks for this thought, love. I miss you. We missed your family so much this Christmas.